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  1. 6 Cent/Pennys is very cheap compared to Germanys 50 to 60 cents

  2. did you find a solution? Could you possibly share your solution?

  3. That really does look like spider webs. Even microscopic ones will show like that. I have that on all my cameras too. Time for me to invest in an IR illuminator and kill the camera IR

  4. What IR illuminator could you recommend?

  5. NDA Ich empfehle die Fox50, aber am besten kurz vorher Ohren zuhalten 😉

  6. Ich Idiot habe gedacht, was ist das ..haste noch nie gehört..aarrrghhh…too much information !

  7. Ha..du bist auch in die Falle getappt..ich meine , es ist nicht n..nein ich kann darüber nicht sprechen.. KOPFKINO..A-U-S..A-U-U-U-Ssss!

  8. Haha yes I am Korean American. Born in Germany and grew up in Busan. Have some relatives in JPN on my maternal side and visit every few years

  9. Zur Relation, unser Bundeskanzler verdient 256.123€ / Jahr inkl. Zuschläge.

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