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  1. This poor cookie company. It has no idea the storm of bad publicity that she has just sent it's way. She really doesn't care about these small companies at all. Maybe she's doing it on purpose for the large corporate owned cookie companies, to help eliminate their competition.

  2. I sent them a warning on insta..I’m sure they’re mortified having that grifter put them on blast I wonder if they can sue her for devaluing their bottom line?

  3. We should start a running boycott list of every product she soft tags. #brandthrax

  4. I found them on Instagram and sent them a warning, be prepared for an onslaught, and they don’t want Hillary anywhere near their hard work and success she’s toxic as fuck

  5. I told myself Christmas Day was the last day and when I went to bed I dumped everything out, helps with the craving if it’s not in the house! You got this!

  6. Wow her one million followers are in absolute awe with this kind of content. Just mind blowing how inspirational her posts are

  7. Raf is waiting for Mami to evolve into her final form. Will it be Spanish?

  8. She and Drunky thinks because she hit the big MILLION she’s gonna be in demand and raking in the big bucks, haha those 2 are delusional

  9. I’m just glad she has some interaction with anyone but a Baldwinito

  10. Radishes are a common garnish for Mexican food, the foil wrapped item is a burrito.

  11. We aren’t in Mexico last I checked.

  12. That’s what everyone’s leaving in droves ..taxes to death

  13. It’s my understanding that when you have over 1 million followers it’s easier to monetize your Instagram. I’m guessing they are going planning to “reopen” her comments once she gets sponsors? I have no idea.

  14. Hahaha she can’t reopen her comments it would be Armageddon

  15. Ya haha 1,000,000 followers and a whopping 30 comments. Tells me all I need to know right there..🙄..

  16. I would love to hear what the nannies are talking about right now haha…too bad they can’t spill the tea

  17. Looks like enough hats for the nannies too, God knows they’re not there for any friends of theres

  18. Oh god not again. I havent even watched but I just know its the same scene as always. Kids in pyjamas because they had to wait for Alec to trek down from his upstairs apartment. A tiny cake, a fake video and shitty decorations. I doubt Ireland was on facetime facing outward towards the nanny filming this time though.

  19. He just finished another live begging people to follow Mami again…what a couple of idiots

  20. No Cookie O’Puss Carvel? Cheap bitch

  21. Which kid will be in charge of the timpani roll tonight? We know Carmen will be changing the numbers on the tote board.

  22. Who’s gonna play Ed McMahon? Big Ed?

  23. Hahah I just watched that how pathetic. Incredible this is such a monumental achievement for these idiots..seriously what are the kids up to? Anyone know?

  24. Bought and paid for by Shooter McGavin

  25. Sad and desperate. Not sure what to make of it all..? Who gives a shit if she hits a million most of her followers are fake anyways and you can’t comment! This doesn’t even make sense unless those 2 useless meat puppets are just trolling this sub

  26. "Kids, no cake until Mami's happy with this photoshoot - then you each get a 1/8" slice"

  27. I’m thinking no cake unless Mami hits 1,000,000 then probably some BS signs the kids make with congrats 1,000,000 crap to try and please her and Shooter McGavin

  28. I can imagine Hillary at home throwing bottles against the wall and throwing tantrums because she hasn’t hit 1 million….I would love to be a fly on the wall just for one day in that house if I didn’t end up in a paella

  29. I’m sure his agent has a fast track to some service that can whip these out in no time. No way any of them are real

  30. Im surprised she doesn’t have Carmen in ballet class or something equivalent.

  31. The fact that she is still canceled and this sub keeps growing by the week is slowly driving her to the nut house. Meanwhile I can’t imagine the complete mayhem in that apartment..pregnancy was all she had, it was her identity for years so now she’s lost

  32. You can see how much happier they were here, if she had explained herself early on and they stopped at 2-3 kids I think they would’ve been in a totally different place. I think Halyna would also still be alive since Alec wouldn’t have had to work on B movies to pay the rent with so many expenses and an army of nannies.

  33. It's all so claro to me now. And Howard Stern _totally_ knew that Hilary was faking being from Spain. Ultimate cringe. I guess that's what the entertainment industry really is. Maybe that bloviating gas bag isn't so dumb after all.

  34. Stern is such a sellout now which is too bad I would love listening to classic Stern skewer these 2 like he used to be before he became a Hampton snob

  35. They’re gonna go from The Beatles to The E Street Band literally overnight

  36. I’m 58 male pepino my 2 kids are grown. I’m chillin at home watching football in PEACE. I’m surprised he put himself in that shit show

  37. I hope to GOD she gets paid sponsorships rolling hahahaha! Watching for Hillz to get that soda shit she’s always drinking in her next shot

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