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KD appreciation post *in light of our latest championship*

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  1. you are a footballer, not a bodybuilder. For strength, Dont think about bulking up, think about getting stronger. Think pushups and dips instead of bench press. Think pull ups instead of pull downs or rows. Stamina and fitness is more important than weightlifting/strength training so dont get consumed with building strength at the expense of stamina or your football skills. Good luck!

  2. When i played CB at 22 years old, i felt i would automatically win the headers from the opposing keepers goal kick by screaming “I GO!” as loud as i could, letting the whole world know i was going to win that header, and if the forward challenged me he was gonna get an elbow to the head. I got called for fouls often but the intimidation tactic worked for me

  3. Wow, Taylor Swift has applied as an associate SOC analyst!

  4. “Yes, we are a premier tool and service, and if you are looking for the cheapest product to help with compliance, we arent for you. But look at the value we provide…and how can you out a price on avoiding the front page of the wall street journal because of a data breach” said every sales rep ever

  5. Im very leery of getting messages with recruiters with links of who-knows-what. I never click them.

  6. i recently went on a three night vacation with my family, checking my email ONCE per day and slack ONCE. I felt so free. i left my work laptop at home despite the temptation to bring it. Now, i was on my phone quite often doing other non-work hobbies, so while i disconnected from work, unfortunately im still glued to tech, even in a wilderness/outdoor/adventure area

  7. it depends on your RA or how strict the person is working at the entrance of your dorm building. My frosh year i had friends stay over that i had to register at the door, no big deal.

  8. when i went to LMU (2006-2010) we had to register and apply for housing through LMU. so if youre looking to apply as a “free agent” i would recommend that route, as that was what my two transfer student roommates did. Good luck!

  9. The header against Roma was next level. I was around 18 at the time and id never seen anything like that. i was always a bit of a wuss when heading the ball and after watching that i was no longer afraid. I started playing games at center back and left back and was winning goal kick headers like a boss. honestly he inspired me to keep playing and to improve my own game. Such a magical time, his ascension to the best player in the world.

  10. They're never gonna sell unless someone comes in with they're stupid valuation. Who's gonna buy a mid table team with a debt and falling apart stadium for £4-5 billion get away ta @#£&

  11. Lets orchestrate one. i know a guy who can hack into their email account and find some controversial memos

  12. Warriors are very good at putting players in position to do the things they do well, instead of forcing players to become something they're not. I'm thinking of JaVale, West, Speights, Livingston, Porter, GP2, etc. All completely different players, but all were successful here.

  13. Also id throw mckinnie and cook to that list, as they had nice stints with dubs and then fell out of the league when they changed teams

  14. When we were starting kuminga in the memphis series we were getting into massive deficits…kuminga is a talent but he required too much hand holding defensively which in the conference finals players like Steph and draymond can’t be doing. He’s a rookie, he’s going to get better, but he just wasn’t quite ready.

  15. Yea when he started game 4 v Memphis i remember a couple turnovers in the first quarter that caused me to yell at the tv.

  16. U know its bad when the defense sets a moving screen for their own teammates

  17. The guy to the left of our fan looks slightly like Blink 182s Mark Hoppus

  18. It was clear to see he was a Superstar at Davidson. We were so lucky the other teams im Front of us at pick 7 didn't watch the ncaa tournament

  19. Minnesota, epic choke. Hindsight is 20/20 but the wolves hunted for the wrong pray that night

  20. I generally like his podcast but is him calling Perkins a coon acceptable?

  21. To me, its entertainment. Perkins and draymond benefit from the hype. Perkins reply speech popped up in my tiktok today and it will be talked about quite a bit. draymond gets headlines for his podcast and perkins stays in the limelight as a pundit. Draymonds got so many sponsors in that podcast he may continue to say crazy stuff like this if he gets more listens from it

  22. facts. Kd gave the warriors the greatest team in nba history. so crazy for him to decide to join us and be part of our culture, city, and team. I got a little worried when he said on a late night show (kimmel?) that winning the second ring wasnt as good or exciting as the first, kindof bummed that he chose to leave, but so grateful that he joined.

  23. Undrafted, G-league underrated comment right there 💀

  24. gp11 should understand hes not going to perform as well on other teams as he will by staying with us. While the comparison is not perfect, quinn cook and mckinnie fell out of the league shortly after leaving the warriors. Its a lot harder to make those corner threes when u dont have klay and steph spacing you. GP grew into his own with the dubs and i hope to god he stays and continues to blossom into the two way player hes destined to be

  25. Dude has been with us 6 years! That kind of chemistry with our core is a must have. to do what hes done, screen after screen, rebound after rebound, hes a great story and proof that the warriors culture is the best in the nba, bar none. would love to see him back.

  26. I think the same thing. I would like another big as an insurance policy.

  27. As a non-technical employee at a bank, I was more willing to click on email links because I knew we had proofpoint email security. So I failed the phishing test because I thought "Oh proofpoint has me covered, I can click this."

  28. "You should check out stablecoins" my friend of mine said to me about two months ago. "They pay 8% and they are basically tied to the US dollar"

  29. beanie babies! Jk, im trying to earn over 8% investing in the stock market. so when he was bragging about 8% i wasnt impressed.

  30. I love survivor. My one qualm is that the contestants slowly starve themselves. I don't like that they all look "overweight" at the reunion show, when they're really just healthy again.

  31. This reminds me of Brian Regan's bit on American cooks who think they're Italian. One of my favorite stand-up jokes:

  32. He has an amazing social media presence with TikTok/Instagram channels where he performs a variety of impressive trick shots.

  33. I youtube'd "20 minute yoga" and it was life changing. It's like meditation plus exercise.

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