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  1. I met Myke Terry at the San Francisco airport at like 4 in the morning once.

  2. Post Malone has more hardcore cred than 99% of this subreddit

  3. Tbh if it wasnt for Garrett Russell basically shilling this band, I'd bet many of us wouldn't even know they exist lmao. If this is their way of trying to get their name out...pretty cringe, not gonna lie.

  4. From what I've seen and heard of them, they seemed like good dudes.

  5. Another song where Ronnie cries about his haters while insisting he doesn't care.

  6. Yet another song where Ronnie is whining about people hating him yet he insists he doesn't care.

  7. you’re so original and cool for not liking ronnie radke cause other people told you not to

  8. Nobody told me not to. I don't like him because he's a piece of shit.

  9. Yes, that's the problem. I mean, I love how he tries and reinvent things but, lyrics... This is sad, he could really be "bigger".

  10. Another song where Ronnie complains about people hating him. Yawn.

  11. Seeing Every Time I Die at my small club venue way back, shit was wild.

  12. How has nobody said Hot Grills and High Tops by Attack Attack! yet?

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