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  1. Download the Relisten app or search for some online here

  2. He commented rather recently that so much of it is already available on the internet (IG posts, YouTube clips, live tapes, etc) he doesn’t feel like he needs to release something himself. He’s prone to changing his mind so I won’t rule it out but he’s also not wrong. These days it seems like when people ask “did anybody get XYZ on video” it’s tracked down easily. Yes, still not the same as a professionally mixed live album but just some context behind why he might be less inclined.

  3. Thanks for that reply. I would love him to have his crew put together another product like Where the Light Is. The YouTubers are great for putting things up there, but it's not the same as an artist doing it themselves. Even Any Given Thursday was awesome. I'd live a new Live Album that would capture all the new music he's put out in the last several years.

  4. Texans are fake friendly, New Yorkers are real assholes but they don’t try to hide it

  5. As someone who moved here from NJ this is spot on and I’ve said this for years.

  6. I still find it hilarious that this pedo came up with some stupid story about meeting Mr. Pederson (who he’s never actually met) for work, and he didn’t even try to ask Chris if he was the guy.

  7. One of the worst. I hope he continues to clog his arteries until his heart explodes while he’s on the toilet one day.

  8. I bet Johnny Connecticut is partying in a mansion somewhere.

  9. Too bad the man boy decoy couldn’t attend since his mom keeps his in her purse.

  10. For the record I voted Yes because he contributes nothing good to society and is only a danger and a threat to others.

  11. Also, “can I suck it and lick your ass before I fuck it”. Also, “give me a blowjob as I drive you home”

  12. I thought the same as well, but upon closer inspection, Velez drove a Scion xD and Colon drove a Kia Soul.

  13. F this dude. He’s an asshole. Yes he did good. But he’s still an asshole.

  14. If what you've heard shocks you so faaaaar...join us back in a moment...

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