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  1. IT's not just a Ford Museum, it's amazing been there in the 90's the historic stuff there is nuts.. Definitely a must see..

  2. They also have 7 iracing rigs that you can race on. Fun little thing for me who cannot afford a whole rig. Really great museum

  3. I thought you were talking about actual audio quality for a minute, to which I was going to say... hell yes, what is up with the clicking noises during the messages in Reaction Theater and what happened last week to Casey's mic? It sounded like she was calling in via ICQ in 2003

  4. We had one in the 90’s we played with when we went camping in the upper peninsula. Found one for sale a couple years ago and I had to buy it to relive those memories with my kids

  5. Interesting. I hate that I'm probably going to have to start listening to his podcast, but so far twitter/NASCAR media gives me the bullet points

  6. I’m not a Denny fan at all, but it I really do enjoy listening to this podcast. Gives a great racer perspective of a race that they just finished running.

  7. I would not recommend these for camping - get a smaller inverter gen for that. MUCH quieter.

  8. Michigan? We lost power Thursday and it just came back on last night

  9. My son says Jeff Gordon looks like the lead singer of Rascal Flats. Do with this information what you wish

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