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  1. Really dominant. Honestly should have been 5-0 given some of those first half chances and if miggy could take a shot on his right. Obviously the best time to play Forest with all their new signings, they need time go gel because they gave away the ball way too easily.

  2. Joelinton in the box loses all composure, it's very funny to watch but he should've bagged one today

  3. Saints - Really positive end of the season, this generation of players are getting better each year. Lots of “dead wood” leaving in Big T, Tuala, Harrison and Wood. Lots of positive new signings.

  4. And guess which clout-chaser has already made her way onto Danica’s story.

  5. The song itself doesn't matter, it's what it represents. If you hear it, it means we are making progress.

  6. I'm sure there are far more unique songs for this like. Imagine we are in the Champions League in 5 years time and start singing "Allez allez allez", it would be tacky af since Liverpool were the first club (in the UK) to sing that

  7. No chance, they might not be as robust in the challenge but they're not throwing themselves on the floor screaming to con the Ref every 5 minutes.

  8. I think Furbank is down without playing. Now incredibly far from first choice and second choice 15, is he purely 3rd choice 10 now?

  9. The best alpine skier of this generation. Probably one of the best of all time. 3 Olympic medals, 11 world championship medals, 74 world cup wins at the age of 27

  10. I'd have to go with Bloom by Beach House. I like all their stuff but that album has zero skippable songs.

  11. I love Bloom, Teen Dream and Depression Cherry (❤️ the velvet cover) but my favourite by a long way is 7. It just came out at the perfect time in my life

  12. Which is a great nickname, given that Earl Spencer is the British peer based in Althorp, just outside Northampton.

  13. It’s been the best season watching Saints since 2013. Yes, we finished in the play offs a couple of times before (thank you Reinach), but this time our “kids” became adults and I have so much hope for the next 3 years.

  14. I also think there's something great about how optimistic so many lower- and mid-table team fans have been able to be about their teams. Edinburgh playing gorgeous rugby and topping the table, Cardiff beating Leinster, Worcester winning the Premiership Cup in extra time, Gloucester and Northampton both going into the final few games knowing bonus point wins can get them their first play-off spots in ages, Benetton and Zebre's huge crop of young talent that never seems to stop, the Ospreys' sheer grit and resolve to grind out so many games and almost get a few bigger results after the identityless horror years, Quins winning 847729 games in the final five minutes, Sale going alarmingly deep in Europe again...

  15. I mean, Gloucester and Saints both finished in the top 4 in 2019, it wasn’t that long ago

  16. That's a long article to write based off a preseason friendly during a heat wave, especially when we scored 3 last week. We managed to create and score goals at the end of last season no problem, obviously another 1 or 2 signings up front would be useful but I think this article is a bit hysterical really.

  17. I’m confident we win that with the first 11 on the pitch. It also highlighted the desperate need for a RW and another striker which I fully trust us to get. In terms of positives Anderson looked good when he came on, the midfield 3 of Bruno, Joe and Longstaff looked great and the defence was solid if it were not for that questionable goal

  18. The best thing about this game is that you can clearly see Howe's tactics throughout the first friendly game of the season. Didn't seen any semblance of tactics in Bruce's pre seasons

  19. Eddie definitely sees Nick Pope as his first choice GK if he's playing 60 minutes of this friendly.

  20. let’s just finish the season here, we already know the top 4 - andrew + tasha, dami + indiyah, gemma + luca and ekin + davide

  21. There is literally no need for a cliffhanger, all of them could go and I couldn’t care less at this point

  22. Last time they had a cliffhanger, they ruined the cliffhanger in the next days preview

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