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  1. You'll get a decision usually after 4 months.

  2. Not this stupidly short video again

  3. It's people like you who make things difficult for innocent people

  4. Yes but they should be accompanied by a letter from the bank, which is where the issue lies. Now it seems I don't need anything from the bank, but it could be an issue for those that do.

  5. I got my spousal visa All my wife did was print her statements from her Barclays account online. No letters from the bank.

  6. We’ve done the Fiancé visa and moved onto the first FLRM visa using my bank statements from First Direct. Online statements and no letter from the bank because they won’t do them. No problems or questions raised during the visa processing.

  7. Thank you! I think people just over-camplicates things

  8. Yup, just the daily dose of shit (you know who) people do

  9. It's a, yes. Congratulations

  10. I need some of whatever they're on.

  11. The host knew what happened, he tried to excuse it by saying “but you slapped him pretty hard” as if that was enough street justice. Samantha must have felt uncomfortable COMPLETELY because she went on to say it doesn’t give him invitation to touch them, as if she had to teach the host a lesson too.

  12. Maybe the host was just making sure she did really slap him hard... Yall should stop thinking for people.

  13. At this point, it's safe to say people just look for trouble.

  14. You got the visa. Start celebrating

  15. Just present his past payslips with his previous employment. It just has to sum up to 12 months.

  16. I get that. But one thing i know for sure is ukvi will send a refusal email even before you get any other email.

  17. I think i have a very dirty mind 🤣

  18. I don't think anyone will be curious about her height

  19. I had to double-check the sub because I honestly thought I was in

  20. Hence, "money cant buy happiness"

  21. This is some white people shit

  22. Yeah this is not a job for me

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