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  1. I always forgot how small the moon is compared to Earth.

  2. Few weeks ago I was laying in bed and heard meowing. I don’t have a cat. I live in a trailer. Assumed it was under my trailer. Called animal control and they couldn’t see it. I could tell it was a tiny little guy. Luckily a brave friend of mine came and actually got under my trailer to look. (I could never with all the darkness and creepy crawlers)

  3. When I was in preschool, I vividly remember one of the workers coming up to me and rubbing soap in my eyes. I remember crying and her pretending she felt bad for me, like I did it to myself, and bringing me to the washroom and rinsing my eyes. I'm in my 30s and I still remember the entire thing. I feel so bad for these kids, this is disgusting and I hope the parents take serious action against this daycare.

  4. Okay this thread confirms I’m not a crazy overprotective mother for refusing to send my children to daycare

  5. No. For many reasons but one being that the rate of wrongfully convicted citizens is too high.

  6. We would be appalled if we knew what our food went through before being packaged and shipped off to the store. You’re okay to eat it.

  7. Both. My fiancé and I have a lot of fun goofing around while grocery shopping. But every once in a while it’s relaxing to go alone.

  8. Unfortunately. Sometimes they get to me still.

  9. Why would that be unfortunate? that’s what makes you still understand and see the severity in these videos, I wish I could say the same

  10. Unfortunately because sometimes I wish I never got “in” to watching gore. It all comes out of a place of fear. I’m absolutely terrified of death and watching subs that show videos of people dying somehow helps and makes it worse for me at the same time.

  11. It takes a lot of effort to really get into. I had to “try” it probably 20 times before I felt any real benefit but I’m glad I kept pushing through. I now meditate regularly and it’s very beneficial to my mental health.

  12. Usually. I’m not gonna pretend like my house is clean 24/7 but a quick clean up before leaving the house makes coming home a lot more relaxing.

  13. You aren’t “tatted” if you have like 10 small-medium tattoos spread across your body.

  14. Hey now cmon I’m getting there :( money is hard these days

  15. It’s ok buddy just don’t hashtag ur photos #tattedup lollll

  16. Aside the fact that it’s killing humans, it’s killing our planet. Rapidly. I can foresee the downvotes but a simple google search will show you. It’s an extremely high contributor to pollution & deforestation.

  17. Ear biting. Idk if that’s a common or weird turn on but it makes my whole body quiver, in a good way.

  18. Why would I get dirty, germy & sweaty and then lay in my bed before showering? That’s disgusting. Morning showers make no sense.

  19. Oh! That‘s a big mistake. I mean 50$ is fine but $1500 is quite a mistake.

  20. I mean the price was fair for the work they did. They ripped out all the weeds and such but it turns out they didn’t do a good job at all. Grass was dead, weeds came back

  21. It is not fair. It is quite much but it is up to you to believe that it is fair. If it was me, I would pay for $50 not more.

  22. $50 for someone to spend 8 hours tearing up weeds from the roots throughout your entire yard and lay sod? That’s insane lol. Why should a landscaper be subject to that little of pay?

  23. Sharing your entire life on the internet. Sick? Let Facebook know. Argument with best friend? Facebook. Car trouble? Complain to Facebook.

  24. Going to college earlier in life. 25 and starting in January.

  25. I got pregnant. Honestly didn’t feel any different except the mental joy of quitting. I vape now though (not pregnant anymore) so I don’t really feel much joy about it either anymore. It is nice not having to stand in the shivering cold anymore.

  26. Every time I’d google oddly specific questions, I’d always end up on Reddit. Eventually I got tired of the “better in the app!” pop up and downloaded the app.

  27. Winnie The Pooh. I’d watch it with my Pooh doll every morning at 11am. Also baby Looney Toons

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