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  1. He didn’t want to. Literally.

  2. It's officially. The Yankees hate America

  3. It's the NBA's fault. They need to raise the referee standards. They are basically hiring sensitive idiots.

  4. I did too but he had like 6 strikeouts last 2 games so he kind of let down his team 😭

  5. Why downvote the truth? Lol. He's not trashing Trout, just stating facts. Although it's a little inaccurate as Trout struck out twice against Cuba and 3x against Japan. If that isn't letting your team down during crunch time, then I don't know what is. The team was able to pick him up against Cuba but Japan has fireballers.

  6. He looks like a little Dr Ken Jeong

  7. That sound you hear is Arte backing up the Brinks truck...

  8. Gotta hand it to Smoltz on this one, he was right - the US team needed to outscore Japan. They didn't do that and they lost.

  9. Lol love Smoltzie's analysis there. I was fucking dying when I heard him say that.

  10. That Mookie GIDP after a hard fought McNeil walk was so brutal

  11. Rally killer. Air was deflated out of the team. Trout could've been more dangerous with the winning run on 1st. I love Mookie but he choked tonight.

  12. That was the worst final possession I have ever seen. Like not even kidding. That was unbelievable. No movement on offense at all even though we had tons and tons of time.

  13. Taliban Ty doesn't have the troops prepared it seems like for moments like that. Unacceptable. Hero iso ball rarely works. It's for lazy coaches.

  14. Somebody go to the Port of Miami to find the US Champion hats before they get sent to Africa

  15. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Trout take my energy ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  16. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Trout take my energy ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  17. Great, now AD gotta play mascot too.

  18. Perfect, football is only played once a week. About as often as AD shows up for a game.

  19. Just trying to be a fan supporting other fans who are looking to have a good game experience, some who have never even had a chance to sit lower bowl/center court. It’s 100% worth offering a good deal for a real fan having an experience like that!

  20. I've always wanted to sit at lower bowl/center court but could never afford them. I hope I can catch your next ticket sale!

  21. if we went to chatgdp for the translation could we thank mr roboto?

  22. Man, Mexico's jersey is elite! Nice color scheme and piping. Peep that Mexico flag on Randy's belt. Japan is pretty good too. I'd fuck with that J cap any day. I like how each jersey uses a font that feels connected to the country.

  23. come on angels. give us othani vs trout. best way to bring in the audience.

  24. They almost have to give that to us. Ohtani doesn't have to start, he can't anyway. But Ohtani out of the pen vs Trout late in the game isn't that farfetched. Ultimate righty v righty match up. Best vs Best. That's how you want to go out.

  25. I'm pretty sure he just skipped the /s lol any mildly knowledgeable baseball fan know Sho got speed for days

  26. Mexico has stepped up I remember in previous years the only two players you would know about are Sergio Romo and Adrian Gonzalez. The fact they made it to the semis and aculty had players this speakes for itself that they improved.

  27. I think this is the start of star players actually wanting to join the WBC especially since baseball is out of the Olympics. Trout joining has started a trend almost like when MJ played for the USA Dream Team. All athletes at some point dreamt of playing for their country and this is their only shot as baseball players to fulfill a childhood dream.

  28. Angels fans guaranteed to win something I guess, good for them!

  29. I can't tell if that was a shot or a fruit medley basket

  30. If somebody says they don't like the WBC, then whatever. Have your opinion and I'll have mine. But I legit dont know how you can watch damn near any game of this tournament and say with a straight face "nobody cares about the WBC" or "these games shouldnt be played"

  31. Baseball needs to return to the Olympics. There's so many baseball pros now all over the world. And baseball is the ultimate parity game. A no brainer if I was in the Olympics committee.

  32. He pitched in the quarterfinals, there's no way he'd be start ready with just a few days in between.

  33. Is he allowed to come out of the pen? Is there gonna be a pitch limit?


  35. I know, right? Gonna be a huge letdown lol jk

  36. I need the video of this just because it sounds cool

  37. It's one of those things from that game Fallout

  38. Only if symptoms persists for over 4 hours

  39. Eric Gordon is what this team wished Luke Kennard would've been.

  40. I didn't know the Angels had that much representatives in the WBC. That's awesome. That means we got talent. It just needs to produce a lot more Ws.

  41. On the team bus Dillon tweeted Klay with 😝🤪😋

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