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  1. I read the first ~4 books in the series before getting kind of bored, but I've watched the series now.

  2. Sort of, there are infinite resources as long as the belters are OK with being the slaves that mine it for Earth & Mars. Then the rings opened up and belters saw an opportunity to fend for themselves, but Earth & Mars claimed all planets for themselves and kick out the belters from any planets they were "squatting" in but were given the opportunity to continue slaving for Earth & Mars colonies too... so they revolted and fought back.

  3. Haven't watched it... does it end satisfyingly or am I going to regret finally finishing the boring season 5 and watching s6?

  4. They got cancelled, but they are acting like it was the plan all along to finish on 6 seasons...

  5. Plus, would Lana really just be like "I'm gonna fuck up my filmmaking career just to get back at my employer."

  6. At this point, does it matter? They will still get any amount of money they want for any project they want to do despite the track record because of that hope that maybe, just maybe, they'll make another hit.

  7. The mandate can't last forever, but this might sour their relationship.

  8. Why not, the virus is going to be with us forever. It ain't going away. Eventually these players will age out and the next gen will be getting vaxxed younger and younger until nobody cares about it anymore like every other vax we are required for school.

  9. So just asking, but is Kyrie unable to get out of playing home games if Brooklyn pays that fine or was that shut down?

  10. NBA said anyone breaking any law or ordnance purposely would not be allowed to play. So basically being fined means they pay the fine and the player still doesn't play.

  11. you mean he has the resources to take on a $120 trillion dollar country? more resources than the entire United States of America?

  12. America is a better country than China, and just because America has their issues, it does not mean we can't call out a worse regime.

  13. The US absolutely didn't care about the holocaust and didn't even join that war first, they fought the Japanese because they were squeezing their balls on oil and Japan had to attack Pearl Harbor in retaliation for survival, which of course led to annihilating 100K innocent citizens with atomic bombs. Then, the US finally decided to turn to Europe because a huge opportunity arose where US economy could be jumpstarted by exporting the tons of steel and materials required to rebuild most of Europe - but the war had to end first, so it was a good time to squash that and get the gravy train rolling. History isn't so sweet when it isn't told by the victor in countless WW2 puff piece movies.

  14. having lebron come to your team changes everything to win now mode, which i don’t blame the lakers for. they won a chip with AD it was worth both ways. we are witnessing the last few years bron has left rn

  15. people said we were watching the last few years Bron has left in 2015 and he won a title the next year.

  16. This is a stupid ass take. Lebron was 30 in 2015.

  17. Yes and it was said, quite loudly, that he was done, had too much mileage from 4 Finals trips in a row, that he was exhausted. Did you forget the whole LePotato meme during his first year in Cleveland when they were playing .500 ball until the halfway point of the season?

  18. Jesus christ can you communist kiddies shut up for a fucking second? This is much greater than spending money. This is about spending time. You want some napkin calculations? Here you fucking go.

  19. sure, but you can still use automation to PASS apps, and put the failed ones in a queue for human review. Will be a much smaller number. In other words - automation should never be used to FAIL or BAN anyone, it should be used to reduce work from sifting through 99% positives to find a negative to only dealing with negatives.

  20. What do you expect for a $50 one-time fee? Seems like having a one-size fits all fee doesn't work since it leads to Google incentivizing their support model to fit that pittance of money they can allocate to it.

  21. Kind of wish BeamNG took the next step and focused less on crash physics and more on simulating the real world. Maybe if Microsoft would acquire them and create Drive Simulator 2022 and focused on making street-level Bing map views into a drivable 3D experience.

  22. First thing Microsoft would do is remove the crash physics...

  23. lol, that's true as well - feels like MS would have been better off not bothering with real world namebrands and just using the models which can't be copyrighted. same thing that GTA does to avoid legal troubles.


  25. I have, what shook me was seeing a movie that wasn't bleeding wokeness from every orifice.

  26. Woke doesn't mean there are non-white actors in it. What's wrong with you?

  27. Part of it is putting in characters that don't fit the story/timeline, like making Louis XIV black or having the priest character be randomly pro-gay in that era for no reason that serves the plot other than to be 21st century woke.

  28. Naren Shankar and Ty Franck have already hinted since the finale dropped that things are in the works for more expanse.

  29. They are hoping and it will probably depend on fans raising yet another "save our show" campaign, but not sure they earned it with these last 3 seasons.

  30. Agreed. Add to that the Laconia teasers that did not lead to anything and the countless boring Filip-Marco scenes that also didn't really have any payoff. Overall, this was a subpar final season in my opinion.

  31. Jon Snow: "I wonder what ever happened with those white walkers."

  32. this is why it was insane to just blow away all common conventional knowledge on the default template.

  33. He's upset but it's his fault. Blew up a great team for what? Kept THT over Caruso for his agency, and now he has absolutely no outs.

  34. LeBron assumed Caruso was staying, Buss made that decision to save a few bucks. I think if Caruso stayed and Reaves developed, you'd have a pretty good 1-2 defensive punch for all 48 minutes of the game.

  35. "I've traded Jeannie Buss to the New York Knicks in exchange for James Dolan and several first round picks. I've made a deal to send Russell Westbrook to the Washington... Generals in exchange for their entire starting 5. Rob Pelinka will be sent back to clown college to complete his degree in clownology. As LeGM it is my responsibility to fix this mess, so I am resigning effective immediately as Ruffles world ambassador - my Vice President, Anthony Davis, will assume this awesome responsibility to ensure every NBA fan keeps stuffing their fat faces full of America's favorite ridged snackfood."

  36. Ref: You think this game is about you? They came to see me toss your ass back to the locker room!

  37. Most teams would suck if they had AD and he went down. He’ll be back soon.

  38. but AD and the Lakers were also sucking hard even when he was playing - him coming back isn't going to bend the needle if he's just going to be back to taking 19 foot jumpers at a 35% clip 20 times a game when he returns.

  39. There's just no fight on this team. Not even a competitive game. No urgency when the other team makes a run. I'm pretty sure everyone who watches lakers games know. You can just tell they gave up. No resistance whatsoever.

  40. They are all old and LeBron's MO has always been "I don't care what place my team finishes in as long as its top 8" so why would anyone bother when there's no regular season. Now the goal is really just top 10 and then try to work hard on play-ins.

  41. she's nowhere close to being a billionaire since she shares the team with 6 people (plus other investors) and almost her entire net worth is tied up into the team itself versus other actual billionaires where an NBA team is just another toy to collect for them.

  42. The nephews have too much up-voting power. It's okay to down-vote NBADrama posts, people.

  43. reddit should turn karma into an actual currency so that people with karma in a specific subreddit can spend it on additional upvotes in that subreddit and thus have more of a say on content. would improve the site 100% if the people who actually participate had more say. then there'd be no need for mods or they'd simply only be able to administrate reddit-wide rules instead of inventing their own mini-fiefdoms.

  44. This is reddit wide. Feeds feel stale on every sub. "Why not fuck around with the good thing" -reddit, probably.

  45. i feel it's prep for what advertisers want when they eventually completely sell out the company like digg v4.

  46. I think Russ has had like 1 turnover in 4 games, ever since he was clowned for turnovers, but he basically blew up his entire game to achieve it.

  47. If it's just gonna be lazy ass Davis shooting 18 foot jumpers at a 35% clip for the whole game, then he can stay home

  48. No one saw you, just pretend like you tripped and keep flying


  50. It's because most sports writers and media are much like the infantile redditors who have a hate hard-on against LeBron. They are sick of him being successful almost all the time and are tired that he's still kicking ass at 37. So they refuse to acknowledge him. Which is a stark contrast to the amount of worship Jordan got at the tail end of his Bulls career.

  51. Well you said it, .500 basketball seems to only be a bad thing for LeBron but for Jokic it's "who cares". If the rules aren't applied consistently to everyone, then fuck the rules. LeBron deserves to be top 3 because without him, the Lakers would be 5-36

  52. of course! we will become the one who improves autopilot!

  53. but then who will read the docs for all the autopiloted code

  54. Mitt... you were practically a democrat as governor of Massachusetts compared to the modern Republican. Just go "D" already. Utah won't care, you're mormon. You're locked in for life.

  55. His son is probably old enough to say "A la mierda amigos, quiero esa asignación del tamaño de la NBA, vuelve a poner tu trasero en la cancha, papá."

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