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  1. Yea 100% they could do some good with an inventive mind

  2. For real. I don't agree entirely with what Dimon says (or said in this specific situation) but he basically addresses shitcoins with this comment.

  3. Yea shame people are just reading the headline coz it actually is a very reasonable point

  4. Right. And keep in mind, he's not a huge fan of Crypto to begin with. So like this isn't an unreasonable take for a critic.

  5. Afaik they have been buying up btc & eth iirc

  6. I reckon he's just gonna get found dead somewhere eventually. He fucked over a lot of people and he is just out and about wandering around.

  7. Iran doesnt need crypto they need a revolution.

  8. People should read the article before getting on the FUD wagon. This is apparently in relation to regulation

  9. keep stacking, especially moons

  10. If I ever see someone wearing this. We’re fighting on sight.

  11. Lol you think you could beat someone wearing this watch?

  12. We've gone full circle... The circlejerk is making its own content

  13. AD clearing out the shit at the back of the cupboard

  14. Tbh these people are fucking dumb to have spent it.

  15. Isnt this the one that uses storage to "mine" or something?

  16. obligatory squid coin live rug pull video

  17. Its just rhetoric to sell the narrative that crypto can't be trusted etc because ftx was a bad actor. By that logic we shouldn't use fiat ever because of the 2008 crisis.

  18. Its not a crypto issue. You can't say this was fundamentally caused by crypto. This is because of cex's being dodgy and untrustworthy.

  19. Good stuff. Nice to see the general consensus (in here at least) pushing more towards self custody.

  20. I bought a £40-50 Dutch oven from a local Cookstore. I use it for casseroles & baking bread. Used it for years and its in great condition.

  21. I don't know how people feel in this sub about knowing the identity of Satoshi but my thinking is that if Satoshi comes out with definitive proof, it will be a shit show and would be very bad for BTC.

  22. Cryptos dead again guys. Better pack everything up

  23. Shoulda changed to xmr and rode off into the sunset

  24. Who decided it was a good idea to spend $400k on a metaverse party instead of an actual party?

  25. How do you even spend that much on a metaverse party?!

  26. Metaverse strippers are expensive dude. It's a whole new market.

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