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  1. It's not fair to say we're pathetic in that way. When our brains started getting bigger, the gestation period shortened to allow the larger skull to pass through the birth canal.

  2. And being positive, how long will it take to write all those pages?

  3. Being positive? I’d say 2+ years to write, longer to edit and publish. 2025 release date.

  4. I doubt George is making it to 109 years old.

  5. I don’t understand why it feels clunky and slow. Just speed up the animations?

  6. Sorry for the apparently unpopular opinion but John Williams consistently makes way better music than anyone else making tv scores right now.

  7. The entire movie is made for 20th and 21st century audiences. In the distant future they’re not going to understand “or there’ll be hell to pay”, partly because they won’t speak English.

  8. It’s so much easier to shoot first and ask questions later that I always find it hard to play as a morally good archer.

  9. It tells the show creators that fans don’t understand the purpose of the scene.

  10. Constructive criticism helps the show creators to better convey the emotions they want to convey and to better tell the story they want to tell.

  11. I feel like this sub is supposed to be “pictures that don’t need context” but the posts that people actually enjoy are “pictures that lack much-needed context”.

  12. The no context part comes from the title, not the picture. It’s supposed to avoid the crazy titles

  13. Yeah I don’t disagree. I’m just pointing out that people seem to enjoy using their imagination to guess the context rather than enjoying the pictures as pure art.

  14. You could ignore the main quest and never have to fight dragons. Or, for tough enemies, use scrolls and/or staves (like Wabbajack and Sanguine Rose).

  15. Depending on where your at there could be laws about taking someone else’s property without permission, which even if they post the picture online it’s still their property. On top of that there’s been a few revenge porn cases brought to court over non-nude pictures.

  16. This is ridiculous. There’s never going to be a law restricting your ability to save pictures from social media.

  17. …The whole notion of canceling fictional characters seems quixotic to me.

  18. I’ve canceled Don Quixote so I do not understand your comment.

  19. Obi-123, ABC3PO, and Search Your Feelings all get two thumbs up from me, though they are on the long side for preschool books.

  20. Well, Hitler had the same vibe, and that turned out to have horrific consequences.

  21. And Hux in TLJ is responsible for the near entire annihilation of the resistance. Snoke praises him for using the new hyperspace tracking tech, which presumably was not an easy or obvious strategy.

  22. The Last Jedi like directly shows him attempting to kill Kylo Ren while he's knocked out on the floor. I think him becoming a traitor to kill Kylo Ren and take the lead works well as development from TLJ.

  23. Late on this, but The Force Awakens always reminds me of it because we listened to that score a ton right when it came out around Christmas time. Especially the bells in

  24. It's the contrary. Underpopulation will be issue everywhere in the middle to long term.

  25. As long as our politicians aren’t insanely shortsighted there’s no reason to think underpopulation could ever be a problem.

  26. I did not realise the implication was that I was crossing the street to avoid the men. I thought I was crossing the street because I needed to and had not idea why a group of men walking towards me would change my mind.

  27. Yeah, is “cross the street” some sort of slang here? People equate it with “gtfo”?

  28. Depends on what this is for, but I would lean towards a very sparse arrangement.

  29. Tales of the Jedi is to Clone Wars what Andor is to Mandalorian, IMO.

  30. I came to this comment wondering if anyone suggested Severance yet, and yeah all five of these recommendations are great. I actually really liked Homecoming S2 though.

  31. I’m not convinced it alphabetized by first name; Avekeneezer could be the first last name.

  32. This is really nice! The two vibes are distinct but still flow very nicely back and forth.

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