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  1. Humaities is a fake major irregardless wow

  2. Same. Smoke meth and stay up all night for a few days.



  5. Either Putin withdraws or Zelensky gives annexed territory to Russia and announces neutrality. Those are the only options on the table right now, and both sides are heavily opposed

  6. Is Troy like the city where Trojan condoms came from?

  7. No its an ancient city where an enemy gifted a giant wooden horse as a peace offering then a bunch of dudes snuck out of the horse in the night and killed everyone

  8. That’s what makes this season so improbable for me. He wasn’t just average or mediocre for the last 5 years, he was bad. He was below average and some times below replacement level.

  9. St. Louis is his home. He should have never left. Plain and simple.

  10. No human involved in wars should be eligible for the Nobel peace prize, even if you are the lesser of the two evils.

  11. Cant win a peace prize if youre killed either though

  12. Okay. I understand, I was just wondering whether it's a strong and safe market, as so the worst is I won't lose money. If it's volatile and could drop then I wouldn't go near it. Safe keepings and some potential clues on the future market price, is all I was wondering about.

  13. I was thinking with inflation and demand it'll go to atleast 1:12 of gold price. So about 150 ish mark.

  14. Sonny’s always either fighting or fucking gets The Don killed when he interjects about dealing drugs.

  15. I am reading up a bit on the

  16. 2mil for 50 years is 40k/year and 30 years from now a snickers bar will probably cost 40k

  17. I’ve been living off 40k a year and after paying 30k between loans and housing and food i have 10k so I’d say 40k for whatever the fuck i want is way more than enough. Y’all waste too much money on ish

  18. I guess it’s just a question of location and how lavishly you wanna live

  19. Just glad i didn’t grow up w a silver spoon. Idk gimme some weed and good food twice a day. Video games. Books. Axe. Smelting.

  20. Not for many huzzies, they tend to hate their wives. Married and still incel, bless them

  21. Must be why they banned me and all my Alts 😤

  22. Exactly. Hence why bad ideas make otherwise good people do terrible things

  23. Johnny Walker got his ass thrown out into the Las Vegas strip post-fight. Half nekkid, barefoot, and gloves still on

  24. Lol the 2k mile object reminds me of Austin Powers

  25. Just cancelled my Amazon (ticker $AMZN) Prime subscription and my Kindle Unlimited subscription! Gettin a 115$ refund too! 🥳😎

  26. I accidentally bought that before and had like 15 unclaimed books until I noticed. They refunded all of them

  27. They offered me a refund for this month but im gonna keep it and start on lotr two towers. Yeah did that with audible. Sub services really do getcha

  28. I always thought I wanted some posh job. Then ended up gettin into manufacturing out of college and have loved it. Factory life is my thing and I never thought it would be

  29. Is Tesla comparable to Compaq, Nokia, or Blackberry? They didn't rise to the top of their markets without innovative ideas and great execution, but ignoring the competition was their downfall.

  30. I think TSLA is working hard on semi trucks now. That’s probably the biggest new market that would really help and is where their self driving is most effective. After that I see them making a more affordable model below the 3.

  31. Being unhealthy and being not-beautiful are frequently one in the same.

  32. Well you keep talking about healthy like you’re an expert. You know what’s like the one thing shown to extend lifespan? Very very low protein. You know what Jordan does? Only eat meat.

  33. Grossly obese? Lol okay. Is fat in your tummy as unhealthy as fat on your ass?

  34. I understand what you are saying and you are right. I’m more focusing on pinning fiat to many different asset fields. Oil , gold, silver, iron, copper, palladium, sugar, cocoa. I do agree with what you are saying though 100% .

  35. This is what BRICS is trying seems like you’re fielding opinions for subliminal backing

  36. Its just like sure, US confiscated some Russian money, but do you really think the whole world is now gonna trust the country that confiscated another country more to hold their money? Building a new currency is about confidence, adaptability, and liquidity. Thats why commodities aren’t used anymore. Eurodollar all the way 🥳

  37. Yeeeeeeeep you guessed it. 🤡 “Apparently” Putin said to military officials “Friday evening will be beautiful for the whole world”

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