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A 100yr old “Mother of Liberty” speaks to a school board about books.

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  1. If that's the case whatever they are forgiven I would like matched into a fund so that I can take some more classes

  2. Grown ups don't have to take responsibility for other's bad choices and idiocy. What are you getting at here

  3. Lol they sure do, it’s called insurance and taxes and every grown up uses these

  4. Because men are constantly pointed at when it comes to violent actions. Anyone can pull a trigger.

  5. Only if you ignore every other country that banned guns and was successful immediately

  6. Yeah OK but this a-hole took away some snap benefits this year, so it’s not all republicans screwing over poor people. He is too.

  7. Lololol it’s amazing how conservatives have managed to get Americans to blame their opponents when conservatives eat their lunch out of the fridge

  8. Lol a British kid explaining China’s. CCTV system despite making most of his info up? Right

  9. Wow I'm so sorry you can't say the n-word at your retail job. What a sad world we live in where people are held responsible for saying controversial things on the news.

  10. Last I heard “Nizzle” wasn’t a swear word and was allowed on the radio. So no idea what you’re talking about here. She certainly did not say the “n word”.

  11. Lol party of small government demanding every teacher in the entire country bend over backwards for insane parents. Great idea

  12. CPA from PA here, how do I account for the losses from a temporary shutdown caused by an explosion at my company’s chocolate factory?

  13. I’ve been prescribed antidepressants several times in my life, and spend years of therapy. But nothing provided me the peace of mind of being able to pay my bills on time, have savings in the bank, and not being afraid to open bills or look at my statement.


  15. Yes if you can get your CPA and 2-3 years of public accounting experience by your mid twenties you’ll be able to get any number of jobs after

  16. This movie is so goddamn good, really caught me off side as I didn’t expect to like it as much. It’s definitely an absurdist avant-garde film but the combination of humor and existentialism. One of the best and most original films to come out in years

  17. At a minimum it’s got to have road and quay anarchy, better pathway management, variable simulation speeds, Rico and ploppables, more district styles, less cartoon vanilla buildings and more realistic assets, integrated traffic manager mod, overhaul of vanilla trees, integrated realistic parking, more prop detailing options among many others

  18. The church crowd on Sunday is a well know factor in restaurant work. Some people straight up don’t wait on Sundays because of it

  19. should have fired Bragg long ago for his refusal to follow the law.

  20. Lol you mean you want republicans to weaponize the federal government to get a elected DA fired for prosecuting a crime that’s already be proven in court?

  21. I'm pretty sure they are referring to how Bragg is soft on violent crime and has been for quite some time. It's been a major plot line during his tenure as DA.

  22. No he wants the DA to be tough on crime when it’s a minority but soft on crime when it’s a Republican

  23. It goes both ways. NPR usually has the best worded misleading headlines.

  24. Lol comparing Fox News to NPR is just pathetic and a completely false equivalency

  25. You just said NPR has equally misleading headlines as right wing news. What are you even talking about? Once again you refuse to backup your arguments

  26. Your mom should really monitor your screentime more closely. Don't you have a Roblox game you're late for or something

  27. So you ignore what I say and personally insult me while complaining about liberals not having honest conversations with you? You’re a clown dude

  28. You seriously have zero personal awareness. Go back and look at your posts. Literally, your first post was insulting someone. All you've done is completely prove my point.

  29. I would call that an homage. It had a definite influence. Affleck is a big fan of the realism in the shooting scenes from Heat

  30. I’d argue this movie is a remake of heat. They are even watching the movie in one scene.

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