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  1. fuckin amazing is all i can say. Im gonna have to look into hydroponics one day!

  2. thank you :) do it, that was my first DWC. I would say its easier than with soil. cos everything is in YOUR hand. in a good or bad way :)

  3. Amazing video can’t wait to see what the harvest looks like :)

  4. Such beautiful buds! Great job! Must smell like heaven :D

  5. eeehh thank you :) yes a mix of heaven and fear ;)

  6. I am happy to see someones else growing the Wedding Cheesecake AF. :) Yours looking good!

  7. I harvested the Gorilla Lady. She was a feminized photo, not auto. I usually try avoid autoflower in DWC because they always end up being way too large :D

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