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Many women don't seem to understand that men also hold doors open for other men.

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  1. I'm writing a book. Finally far enough into it and committed enough to feel comfortable saying it to other people.

  2. But the guy on my Facebook said it would be close to a million by now!

  3. Y’all loooooooove the mainstream media. They really are your daddy’s. You listen and obey everything they say.

  4. Well I guess that makes two of us, since I have no idea why you are so adamant to bring up parks in Toronto when we are talking about public streets in Ottawa.

  5. You asked me to give you any city that requires a permit to demonstrate on city-owned land (which was what I originally mentioned Ottawa had the right to do). So I did. Then you pivoted to not needing a permit to have a protest of any kind... which was never in question.

  6. I never said anything about city owned land. This topic is about the Ottawa protest which has nothing to do with city owned land. Do you think they are planning to drive their big rigs into parks and splash pads? Lmao.

  7. With the general organization and intelligence of the group so far, I wouldn't put it past them. Since they're currently on their way to an empty Parliament with no actual plan to be heard of.

  8. I heard there’s another handful coming from the east coast, maybe that will bring the numbers up to 50,000

  9. It'll be 1 million when the US trucks get here. They must have all slept in, I dunno...

  10. Looks pretty decent. I can't think of a werewolf movie that I really liked but I'm open to one that changes my tune on that.

  11. That film is absolutely fuckin top fuckin bollocks mate.

  12. Wow. What you have said is so stunning and brave. No man has ever had the guts to share this sentiment, particularly online. Stunning. And brave.

  13. It has gotten so much worse as well. I feel like if watergate happened today it would just be business as usual and there would be no consequences at all.

  14. Taking inspiration from an actual headline the other day, it'd sound like:

  15. And I have to say, didn’t this make Kurt’s final scene all that more poignant? We just saw what happened and to his deputy and know what’s coming for Kurt. But he stays focused on strategy and helping his friends til the last breath.

  16. The implication though is that he succeeded, killed the last ones left, and died of his wounds rather than further torture.

  17. My favourite thing about that bit is that the guy gives him another shit bow while trying to usher him out.

  18. It's ok to just tell us you like it and why. Not every movie opinion needs to be preceded by "I know it's not perfect, but..." No one is going to fault you for liking a movie just because you don't specify that you "know it's not a masterpiece," or "know it won't win any awards..."

  19. I feel like it was not intentionally cheesy, and is still better than people give it credit for. I quite enjoyed it.

  20. What does Trump have do to with any of this? It feels like when someone has an opinion that doesn't fully meet yours you immediately link it to Trump. What a joke.

  21. A lot of the truckers and other drivers in the convoy are sporting Trump hats, and several supporters on the bridges are waving Trump signs.

  22. Not trying to get downvoted and really out of the loop on what's happening but why would we place vaccine mandates on the trucking industry? Honest question. It doesn't seem like it would do jack shit to stop omicron covid and just fucks up the supply chains further increasing prices. Am I missing something?

  23. I’ll have 50 cheeseburgers and 3 cherry cokes

  24. Capreolinax is gorgeous. I debated buying it for bright dust but passed because I never use the stag. Now I use it all the time but in its trash normal form.

  25. My favorite spelling bee joke is when the person asks for the word to be used in a sentence, and they say, "Your spelling bee word is..."

  26. Reminds me of that I Think You Should Leave skit where Santa gets mad that the interviewer brought up Christmas

  27. That Farrah chick from 16 & Pregnant or whatever told a panelist on a talk show that she was famous for "a celebrity sextape." Who was the celebrity, the guest asked. "I was," Farrah replied.

  28. On one occasion when he's close to cumming on your feet, tell him he's only allowed if he licks them after and see what happens.

  29. This is not something you bring up immediately pre-orgasm.

  30. It definitely could go that way. It's not my thing so it all boils down to whether him doing it would be a big enough turn on for you to risk it.

  31. Yeah, or just not risk anything at all, by having a conversation with him ahead of time. Like a normal person.

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