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TIFU when I made a Reddit post about my break up that became popular on TikTok

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TIFU driving with my gf

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  1. Question from a non American, you will believe your military when it says this and puts trump in a good light but not when it makes trump look bad? Like when 3 balloons flew over America during his presidency.

  2. You are asking a community of conspiracy theorists, not a good place to get a well-researched answer

  3. Now if only we could get the GOP on board with federally legalizing marijuana in the first place...

  4. Get out is just a remake of skeleton key with a sharpened political commentary. If get out belongs then skeleton key does as well.

  5. Get Out's extremely poorly written characters put it down to at least a 5/10 for me. Really pretty cinematography though.

  6. She isn't just the voice, she is also an executive producer of the show.

  7. I honestly struggle to understand why so many people buy Pokemon. The writing has been on the wall for years, but even the people who complain about the state of the series the most end up buying it anyway. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying mediocre games, I have hundreds of hours in Cyberpunk 2077. But it’s like they live in another world. And a lot of fans act like you’ve kicked their dog and spit in their mouth for criticizing the games.

  8. You keep insisting that a word coined and popularized by latin peoples is "westerners telling latin people what to do". Maybe you should spend less time getting mad at westerners and more time looking into why certain latin people decided that Latino or Latina are not words that pertain to them.

  9. The "Latin" people are the ones rejecting the term, not the ones embracing it

  10. Flooding the US with third world migrants was part of the democrats plan.

  11. Then why does this graphic show that Biden is 4x as effective at sending them back?

  12. Looks like we were missing significantly more under Trump. I guess Biden is handling the border very well, relatively speaking.

  13. All dolphins are whales, but not all whales are dolphins.

  14. No, not at all. Science and engineering are two separate things which very often overlap. I have multiple friends who work as engineers and I am currently working on my thesis in molecular biology. Science is about discovery, and most engineers I know are responsible for maintaining equipment of some kind (important but very distinct). Arguing all engineering is science is ignorant semantics, honestly.

  15. I was clearly talking about the people who instigated the jan 6th riot. I mean, I said it right there in the comment. You shouldn't make assumptions.

  16. What is the significance of Mar 10 and SMB? It was released Apr 4th. So, I'm not seeing the connection. And the first movie was May 28th.

  17. That's easy, it's all from big pharma, they don't want it legal because it takes the place of many prescriptions, most notably pain killers. They don't want you taking anything that won't bring them more profits.

  18. It's okay if you don't understand this voting system, it is much different than the kind of voting constituents use to choose representatives. I'm not going to explain it to you (you can Google the process), but there is a reason they need a majority and not simply "the most votes".

  19. Go ahead and Google it, I already said I wasn't going to explain the difference

  20. Thank you for clarifying. I was so confused as to why people are saying Gaetz was trying to get AOC to vote for the candidate he is preventing from winning. Seemed like the opposite of what he wants

  21. God she is the shittiest person ever. Still contact a lawyer about that sexual assault though.

  22. Riling the Russian population up, so that they will finally support this war?

  23. Right, seeing that 100,000 Russian soldiers have died with virtually no gains and more mobilization on the way is a surefire path to gaining civilian support for a war!

  24. Ironically, both Russia and China are in the G20.

  25. The monster is supposed to be clutching the G20, it isnt labelled G20 itself. It's like they are holding G20 hostage or something dumb like that

  26. I haven’t seen any posts or anybody talk about it. It’s just a really weird inclusion in the game. I hope we learn more about it!

  27. It seems odd to me that people don't like Violet paradoxes for "not looking like Pokémon", because isn't that what they were meant to do? I'm not saying the Scarlet ones are bad, but if I saw Great Tusk as an explorer, I'd just think it was an undiscovered species. But the Violet ones truly look like something that makes you question whether it is a Pokémon. They just look so lifeless and inorganic, which is kinda the point for them. They also show that humans are just as wasteful in Pokémon as they are IRL, since it seems these species went extinct or needed robotics to survive. It seems much more interesting to me than just ancient Pokémon, which just don't really feel like something that makes you question what it even is. Again, I love all their designs, they really nailed the ancient feel, but they just seem like stronger, scarier versions of other mons. Meanwhile Violet has cold machines that really cross the boundary between Pokémon, and something else altogether. Idk just feels like they fit better with the way they're talked about in-game

  28. To add to this - we get ancient pokemon in pretty much every game from fossils

  29. I'm talking immediate causes... Yknow, the things actually relevant to our lives??

  30. ITT - “AirBnB renters shouldn’t have to let people have orgies and shoot porn in their houses.”

  31. I just saw a few posts on for professors of education and PhD required. Starting salary was $61k.

  32. I've been looking at post-doc positions (a sort of low paying interim job new PhD will get to basically recieve training to lead their own lab), and these post doc positions are all raising to about 60k now. I'm pretty excited to graduate honestly

  33. And you spend $200K and 10 years of your life getting the PhD, plus the 3 years’ in experience. Sounds about right!

  34. You shouldn't get a PhD if you are paying for it, you should get a stipend through TA or RA -ship so they pay you while you study. Im a STEM PhD student currently and my degree is looking to cost me 6 years(typical PhD) and $0. I also chose to go for my PhD instead of a Masters, I haven't heard of an advantage to getting both?

  35. It’s a kiss… you might get a cold sore but that’s about it.

  36. Not if she still had semen in her mouth. If the guy has HPV he could actually get throat cancer from this interaction.

  37. I think this is sexual assault. You could easily get a disease by basically being "poisoned" unknowingly by bodily fluids ypu did not consent to have enter your mouth. (A similar argument to ghosting the condom off being assault or even rape). Honestly get a lawyer and talk to them before you contact these people again.

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