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  1. My planer had a vibration problem due to the pulleys being misaligned. The stress that caused made one pulley key break, thus marring that pulley’s key slot too. I replaced the pulley and key, corrected the alignment, and it ran smoothly. It looks like you can shift the motor a little to correct any misalignment. Good luck!

  2. It’s green calcite, a fairly common mineral but quite beautiful. Pure calcite crystals are clear but impurities result in green, amber, blue, yellow, and other colored crystals.

  3. How fascinating! And by what geological process did it form around the straw?

  4. Congratulations. He/she looks just like our Ginger that we adopted from a homeless camp. Also the sweetest, funniest, most affectionate dog we’ve ever had.

  5. Is that actually water ice or is it dry ice (frozen CO2)? Dry ice is most commonly found on Mars with water ice underground or in permanent shadows.

  6. I can’t even imagine hurting my child like this (we have a gay son). Live your life as you need it to be. I sincerely hope your parents come around and get enlightened.

  7. I’ve stood in this exact spot myself. As I understood it this is Summit Lake but is commonly called Shangri-La. The valley leading up to here (from the east) is the Oolah Valley. We flew into Oolah Lake, hiked up to the valley head and explored the three drainages of which this is the middle one. From this spot we hiked on up the top of the distant cliffs (once around the corner up there it’s an easy walk to the ridge top).

  8. I’ve heard of people rafting in the Gates but when I was there in August the rivers were too low. We were able to cross them on foot (using hiking poles to steady ourselves). However, I canoed down the Noatak River in the Noatak Wilderness Area (west of the Gates) in September and it was great. A lot more wildlife in the Noatak as compared to the Gates, at least when I was there.

  9. I’ve been to this exact same spot! Did you continue up into Shangri-La, the lake above your campsite? It is a tough hike, for our ten day hike we each carried 60 pound packs over that very uneven ground.

  10. I went to the same valley in August and a mosquitoes were thick. However, they didn’t bite much. Wearing netting while hiking is really uncomfortable (hot) and my group of four didn’t find it a problem to leave the nets off.

  11. I just stumbled across this post from 2y ago. Thank you shadedrelief, it’s a great map. I’ve spent ten days hiking in the Gates and another ten just west of the park in the Noatak Wilderness. Retracing the trip on your map is a joy.

  12. Politicians arrange subsidies, the oil corporations return a nice chunk of it as a “donation” to the politicians’ campaign. We all suffer for it.

  13. Staged or not, this is something my wife of 45 years would/will do. Because of her influence, I’d like to think I (M70) will continue to do this type of thing as long as I can.

  14. Get escorted by a nice young lady across the street?

  15. That hasn’t happened yet but young ladies at the checkout stand are always really nice to me. I’m sure it’s because I remind them of grandpa. 😀

  16. I finished my EE degrees in 1984 and power engineering was considered dull even then. Microprocessors we’re just coming out and most of my classmates went into the emergent digital design field. I liked analog and thought it might open a lot of opportunities as the older analog designers retired. It did as I became an RF designer, but by the time I retired I was creating DSP algorithms for many of the functions that were originally analog based. That said, I learned during my career that power distribution is a very complex optimization problem that can tax anyone.

  17. End grain to side grain is a pretty good glue joint, especially in a large pore wood like this.

  18. Good luck. Our peach tree keeps getting a leaf curl fungus, for three years now.

  19. Your cookies look great! I’m guessing the recipe was for “bunny” cookies. Yours have a cute “teddy bear” look.

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