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  1. I dont go to beaches because i hate sand that much

  2. When you go to beaches full of pebbles near the sea, the sand isn't sticky and it's amazing

  3. Instead of minecraft_stick you should try minecraft:stick same for the summon thunder

  4. I murdered an Calabrese dessert (Chinuliddo)

  5. Not only. Romanian has the same thing, "flamabil" and "inflamabil" mean the exact same thing, "in" usually meaning "not", as in English. So destructible - indestructible/ destructibil - indestructibil. But yknow, wacky shit. Probably from the words "in flame/în flăcări".

  6. In Italian there is only infiammabile, and the verb to say "to light on fire" is infiammare

  7. Yeah, it's one of those differences that often flies under the radar because, unlike big differences like semibreve/minim/crotchet versus whole/half/quarter note and such, which get a lot of attention, this one is mild and inoffensive enough that it tends not to be noticed... such that I was consequently more shocked the first time I heard a British musician (in the midst of a rehearsal I was also in) refer to the first- and second-time bars, and I thought he had just forgotten the proper terms for them.

  8. I never thought about that. Well then I'm lucky to be Italian and know these terms without needing to translate them.

  9. Hard to say without knowing how tall you are. If you've hit your adolescent growth spurt, your hands are fairly small. If you haven't--and at 14 it's likely that you haven't--then your hands may be normal-sized for your age.

  10. Yeah I don't think I haven't at all, I'm still growing a lot.

  11. Why does it matter? Is there something specific you're trying to play and struggling with?

  12. How do I get to have PVC coating on the cube I order?

  13. For scs, it’s an option if you choose one of their customized cubes (eg. Cosmic, Supernova, etc.) You can also tell customer service that you’d like a certain cube in your order PVC coated and they’ll send you a custom invoice. You can also mail them an existing cube.

  14. Sir. I have both the wrm maglev and the rs3m 2021. And I prefer the rs3m. Planning to sell the wrm maglev. Plus I lost 2 fingers on my right hand and I can’t do finger tricks that well thus the 1min

  15. Well maybe because you have all your fingers only on your left hand you tried focusing on it.

  16. Cosmic lubes just go straight on the core. You don't even have to mix them before hand, just put in x drops of lunar and y drops of stardust, depending on the ratio you want. Do a few turns and you're set.

  17. Ok so I open a gap between an edge and a corner and I pour them both there? Could you give some numbers fore the x and y please? it's the first time I got lube.

  18. Yes. And as for x and y, it really depends on your lube preferences. You might prefer more lunar and less stardust or vice versa. Try starting with 2-3 and 2-3.

  19. Beating akali with syndra is pretty easy though

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