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  1. I think you’ve earned the right to treat yourself to a new dress. Congrats on the awesome progress!

  2. I hope they make this dude run a route before they sign him.

  3. Horrifying person-shaped meatloaf

  4. Where are you sending your child? I'm looking at all my options for when I go back to work in July/August for my 8 month old

  5. Our son goes to Goddard. We’ve had a near universally positive experience. It’s a franchise model so each location is different, but ours has been wonderful.

  6. If you have the type of relationship that would allow it, a night of babysitting could be priceless to this couple.

  7. I think they would prefer you start immediately and then get Disney+ again immediately. IMO the show is worth the price of one month’s subscription alone. And Willow has been fun so far.

  8. I love Warwick Davis, bit his acting has been so wooden so far he'd get mistaken for a chest of drawers if he stopped moving

  9. Really? I’ve enjoyed his comedic timing a lot! Maybe I’m an easy critic. I did love Rise of Skywalker.

  10. Looks like a 7 year old played the sims for the first time.

  11. Thank God the Army investigated itself and after lying for weeks found out that the high profile soldier that was planning on advocating against the war was just killed by accident by three shots to the forehead from 10 yards away.

  12. I’m curious where you’re getting your information from. Congress also investigated the incident, in addition to the DoD. Friendly fire incidents are devastating, and they do happen. If you don’t understand how things like this can happen, I feel safe in assuming you’ve never been in combat.

  13. The military created the conspiracy when they organized the cover up his death.

  14. I’ll give this a read. I haven’t had a chance yet. This isn’t a publication I’ve heard of, and Prysner’s bio reads more like an activist than a journalist, but I’ll at least read it before I comment.

  15. What’s your process been like? Remember that weight is just a number, and not all progress shows up on the scale.

  16. Nope. I had it, it expired, lost nothing of value to me.

  17. You rock, thanks for sharing this. Definitely plan to make this soon. Looks delicious.

  18. That cutting board is dope. Good luck with the smoke. Top the hopper off before you turn in.

  19. Thank you! My father is a wood worker and made it for me last Christmas!

  20. Then it’s bulking season. Killer quads already. Keep it up.

  21. This is incredibly impressive. Thanks for sharing your awesome progress!

  22. Thank you!! You know what’s funny? I had a second where I had to ask my friend if there’s actually that big of a difference between the photos. Crazy how your mind can play tricks on you like that.

  23. I know exactly what you mean. I hope your friend gave you some well-earned affirmation!

  24. Hip thrusts and dead lifts will go a long way as well, but nutrition is going to be just as important to any gains as the exercises. Great job toning so far!

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