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Andor - Episode 12 - Discussion Thread!

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  1. We might hear something later this week or upcoming week. They didn't wanna mention Starfield at all I noticed this showcase so it doesn't steal the attention but a date for Starfield showcase would've been nice.

  2. We might hear something later this week or upcoming week. They didn't wanna mention Starfield at all I noticed this showcase so it doesn't steal the attention but a date for Starfield showcase would've been nice.

  3. The editor must've broke up with her too for posting that :7340:

  4. The anticipation for Starfield grows even more with more journalists talking about it. As much as I wish that I got to play Starfield in November, I'm glad they delayed it. We even got the Xbox team themselves helping polishing the game up for it to run better on console.

  5. I'm a big Godzilla fan, so that little two-parter was a personal favorite of mine. I've seen people saying that the big Horizon-looking droid seen in the Bad Batch trailer is a revived version of it, so I'm kind of hoping that's the case and we end up with a Mechagodzilla homage.

  6. Hopefully it will also explain what happened to the project they were doing on the zillo beast. Btw, Biollante is my favorite godzilla villain and hoping she makes it some day to the monsterverse.

  7. Forgot about that arc. He was chasing and trying to kill Palpatine. Most likely for revenge but what if he knew that there was a dark aura surrounding Palpatine.

  8. I honestly think the Zillo Beast is connected to the force in some way

  9. Same I'll see everyone on the 13th

  10. Grogu will obviously grow up. But seeing him at 900 years old from the events of The Mandalorian is more crazy than one can imagine. Can't imagine how different the galaxy would be when he's 900 years old like Yoda was. Grogu would have seen everything from The Clone Wars to beyond. And imagine him making references and telling stories about Din Djarin.

  11. Imagine a new series in an entirely new time period.

  12. There is one coming during The High Republic called "The Acolyte". I would like to see a show about the crime underworld after ep 3 because the Republic had sort of control over the Syndicates but during The Empire, crimes were an all time high and the Crimson Dawn lead by Maul was the most dangerous syndicate at the time. (We see some of it in the Han Solo movie)

  13. While some of you may say, "We got Book Of Boba Fett and to some degree The Mandalorian showing us the underground crime". No, imagine a series about the 5 Crime Syndicates and Families arguing and having war among each other for power or disagreements. Kinda giving us The Godfather vibes or even The Sopranos

  14. Get with the classics and the best Star Wars games - Knight Of The Old Republic

  15. Is Battlefront 2 any good? The original one from 2005. The only off-putting thing for me is the graphics, haha. I'm spoiled with maxed out Fallen Order.

  16. Yes, it's a classic and some of the missions were really good. But I'd recommend Knights Of The Republic first, so when u decide Battlefront 2 the graphics won't be as off putting

  17. Absolutely stunning actress. Rest in peace.

  18. I'm pretty sure all the remaining Jedi besides Yoda have disbanded and quit being a Jedi like Obi Wan did momentarily after Order 66. And even killed by Vader and inquisitors. So theorically, he was probably telling the truth. And those that remained Jedi or recently brought in are simply Padawans and not officially in it by the Order.

  19. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, but I’m glad that this show was able to bring Star Wars to a new generation of fans.

  20. I agree. I'm also happy that this show and new ones to come will bring in more Star Wars fans for generations to come.

  21. It's truly beautiful. The people who worked on this show should be proud of themselves

  22. The speech from Maarva had me wanting to jump to the screen fight The Empire

  23. Yeah we've all wondered why they could've just done that but there's an explanation for it. The Jedi had banned that because it's unethical and considered cheating. Even the Sith had banned that because they considered it as cowardly.

  24. He would be pretty scary. But i gotta admit i still have nightmares about the thought of having a full beskar Grievous.

  25. Full beskar with being force sensitive is the definition of unstoppable

  26. Imagine Chris Hemsworth as Obi Wan Kenobi? Just gotta dye the hair blonde

  27. Damn forgot to include animation. That was such a good scene too

  28. All I'm surrounded by is fear. And dead men. Can't get more bad ass than that

  29. So I’m on episode 9 and I’m just wondering if I should keep watching, the story is barely getting stronger and it’s almost a bore to watch, I like the different taste to it but things keep piling up on the story. I already know his fate so I’m not exactly watching it to find out what happens to the character, I’m at the point of either dropping the show or finishing season one.

  30. Even though the show is named after Andor, it's not all about him. You get to see the the sacrifice other people do for the Rebellion. Not just that, but how cruel and corrupt The Empire is. Keep watching until ep 11, ur mind might change.

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