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[Postgame Thread] USC Defeats Oregon State 17-14

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  1. How do you not know that’s a weird ass thing to say

  2. What I've learn today is that people don't know Romain numerals.

  3. It doesn’t matter, their backup will still throw for 400 yards on us

  4. You should include us. We’ve become a laughingstock the past two weeks

  5. Georgia Tech basically has exclusively engineering majors. Aka no sports medicine or communications majors to stash academically underprepared athletes in. Calculus for everybody.

  6. They know how to handle Spartans pretty well too, in case you suddenly find yourself in 400 BC and need a resource

  7. Was gonna say Waste management but what the hell is waste connections. Is that the education connection version of waste management?

  8. You are a realer lions fan than me for choosing the lions out of everyone

  9. People can point at Scottie Hazelton, but frankly Mel Tucker has never been considered an X and O defense guru at his previous stops.

  10. MSU fans are always hesitant to call out coaches who have any success vs Michigan. Remember the years of scapegoating Dave Warner when Dantonio was clearly the issue?

  11. Dantonio had a decade of great success. He just couldn’t recruit or fire his friends.

  12. Mohammed Ibrahim is an illegal cheat code and someone needs to hold Fleck accountable

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