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  1. Less from growing food, more from having five times as many people.

  2. Why would we have to increase our population?

  3. My kid has allergies that make a vegan diet an impossibility. No thanks. Also I'm not made of money.

  4. Adopting a vegan diet world wide doesn't mean there are no alternatives. A standard always has exceptions. Also vat grown meat will soon be a thing, and that will fulfill the vegan requirements.

  5. Her college years were fucking wild, too bad she didn't pay attention in class.

  6. If this ever happens in Western Washington state, figurative heads would be rolling. The alleys in downtown Seattle were really trashy a couple decades ago and someone in charge finally got fed up with it and jacked up the fines for such things.

  7. He's not unsuspending everyone, just his friends. He wants an echo chamber and he's creating one.

  8. They are grasping at smaller and smaller straws.

  9. You’re insinuating the most successful man in the world stole all of his money. But he’s also a moron who would never be smart enough to do that…

  10. Yes, he stole all his money. That's how capitalism works, bootlicker.

  11. Because, believe it or not, there are Christians and theists that actually have common sense. Unfortunately, they seem to be in a minority

  12. If religious people had common sense, they'd have no leaders.

  13. I guess lmao personally I couldn’t be homeless in the east coast the weather is toooo fucked here

  14. Hitchhike somewhere else. I've done it across the country a couple times.

  15. Even government run entities aren't well run, like Amtrak. That passenger rail line at times barely get enough money to sustain operations

  16. Self fulfilling prophecies, they appointed people specifically to destroy the trust of the public so they can push for more privatized bullshit. Have you not wondered why we're always the exception among countries as developed as we are?

  17. Welcome to humanity, I see it's your first day on Earth.

  18. this is the equivalent of saying "adults never learned to walk" because they learned it as an infant

  19. You do know evolution is a thing, right? While they are our ancestors they were not modern homo sapiens, they were a different species.

  20. This is just old propaganda. Remember when most of us were "essential" a couple years ago but working conditions got worse? Yeah, it was like that...

  21. Convince someone that the shit they are getting is gold and they'll forget they're being stepped on.

  22. Yeah, nope. They forced kids to work back then, and the number of people who were allowed to die to build the railroads in the USA is criminal. Stop looking at the past with rose tinted glasses, it sucked in the past.

  23. As gross as McCain was, never mind his insufferable daughter Meghan "Did you know my daddy was Senator John McCain?" McCain, he was old school Republican before the fascists took over. He truly loved his country and wanted what he felt was best for all her people, he was just wrong about how to do that it most cases. So sad he got pressured into picking that wildebeest Palin as his running mate.

  24. McCain should head to the Democrat party, we could use him now. Given the Democrat party is essentially becoming the only party, thanks to the Republicans going completely batshit recently, may as well get as many moderates from all the parties as we can to increase our choices.

  25. I knew he died, I just didn't remember. Lost a lot of people I know personally in the last 4 years it's hard to remember a politician dying.

  26. There are benefits to running the Illuminati. ;)

  27. There literally are shootouts everyday, every hour of the day across the country. So, yeah, thanks for proving my point, I guess.

  28. Mass shootings are not shootouts. A shootout is where there are people on all sides shooting at everyone else on all the other sides.

  29. I just got unbanned after a couple weeks of being told my account was permanently suspended (I appealed). I told someone being an asshole on a thread that there was no place for threats in the sub, they reported that and got me banned for harassment.

  30. Yeah, you have 100+k karma, welcome to the party. Every time the human admins go on vacation, your main account will be "permanently suspended".

  31. Reddit administration goes by karma values, the more karma you have the easier it is for you to be false flagged for anything. Once you reach the 200k karma those warnings turn into "permanent suspensions".

  32. As compared to driving yourself off the Democrat cliff like the sort of lemming all of you Dem uber alles partisan types are?

  33. You're not wrong, given I'm an extreme minority in the USA and walking outside during the daytime is a huge risk because of right wing nuts putting guns to my head just for looking different than they do.

  34. Nice photoshop except the shadow would be much more well defined.

  35. I have my flawless gyarados and 534 candies for when the research pops up. When you no longer need the candies, you'll see a ton of magikarp in the wild, guaranteed.

  36. There are plenty of examples of this happening in nature, especially when a species exceeds their resource consumption limits or genetic bottlenecks. I'm sure there are other cases as well.

  37. Which is evenly split for once. Had that one Democrat not been a total dick this wouldn't have happened.

  38. Trump was anti-American, anti-union, anti-paying-the-employees-anything.

  39. This dude sent a Tesla car to space. I think he knows more than the common person.

  40. I don’t have twitter but I’m sort of wondering from the trending posts here, is Elon now the Dear Leader of twitter?

  41. He's literally the only person at the office now.

  42. Biggest offenders in my area seem to be businesses and construction companies. Most of the personal property had very clear sidewalks after this week's snow, with no ice buildup and at least enough space for motorized scooters.

  43. I live in the Midwest and I just had a conversation with an actual elementary school teacher about how her kids aren’t fully vaccinated. She said she refused to have them get the tdap and others. I asked her if they had the MMR immunization and she said especially no to that. I asked her if she’d consider getting them vaccinated if there was a local breakout and she said maybe? She kept saying how she doesn’t know what’s in them? Like how much does anyone know what’s inside any medication? I could refuse to take anticoagulants because I “don’t know” what’s inside them? You could bleed to death!!! It’s absurd. I reiterated to her how measles can knock out your immune system. I hope she reconsiders cause she has a child under a year old and another in elementary. If a professional cannot see the benefit vs the risk, then there’s no convincing. These diseases will just have to re-emerge and come back for people to grasp the gravity of the situation.

  44. Hell, most people don't know what's in an apple or any of the beauty products they use. They think "oatmeal" is an ingredient. lol

  45. The fucked up thing is that they'll spin this to make it sound like the Democrats stole the election. It's an attempt to create a self fulfilling prophecy.

  46. I'll be honest. I *LOVE* Java. I don't particularly like Python.

  47. I'm of the similar mindset, Java has always been my favorite because I love the syntax and concept of not worrying about which OS the user has running.

  48. Just got into programming, learning Java at Uni. But this subreddit makes me anxious

  49. Don't be, it's still the standard for mobile development because of the idea of "compile once, run everywhere". Some people are just stuck in their language supremacy, others are just having fun with some lite trolling.

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