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  1. Really thought I was pregnant this cycle. I started having symptoms (creamy discharge, insomnia, tender breasts) at 7 DPO. I’m 10 DPO now and everything but the insomnia has vanished (yay anxiety). I’ve tested every day starting at 8 DPO. I’ve been really hyping up my symptoms to my husband and he’s really excited. He’s still sleeping and I hate that I’ll have to tell him the test was still negative this morning and my symptoms were a false alarm. :(

  2. If I made a video every time I took a pregnancy test, I would be reported for spam 😂

  3. Wow. Talk about needing a good ego stroke. I had a friend do this with a montage of her throughout pregnancy.

  4. I muted her for like 6 months because she kept posting ultrasounds and bump pics. I’m like, good for you, but I don’t need a weekly reminder that I would be x weeks rn. I thought I was safe at this point lol 😭

  5. Would it be extra salty of me to make a similar post but share my follow up ultrasound of my empty uterus and my misoprostol receipt?

  6. I just wanted to comment and let you know I can relate a bit. My mom isn’t quite as bad as your mom, but she’s been really insensitive to me since my MC. About 2 months after my MC, she went off on me for an honest misunderstanding. She’s a middle school teacher, and she said a kid was suspended for bringing Tylenol to school. I said, “oh wow, really? That seems like overkill.” And she got super angry and told me I have no idea what it’s like to be a parent, but IF I ever have a kid, I’ll be concerned about drugs at school too. I’m like, okay???? Tell me how you really feel?? That “if” hit harddd at 8 weeks post MC, after 2 failed cycles when all I wanted was to be pregnant again.

  7. Currently 8dpo and tempted to test tomorrow morning at 9dpo… but it’s probably way to early in any case and I’ll end up disappointed, but then there’s always ‘what if’ 😩

  8. Just tested at 9 DPO with a cheapy and I don’t recommend it 😵‍💫

  9. I am a fool. I’ve been symptom spotting hard the last few days and convinced myself implantation happened on 7 DPO. I took a test last night, at 8 DPO. Obviously negative. Took another test this morning, negative. Even if implantation did happen on 7 DPO, I have Pregmate test strips. The hCG threshold is too low for 2 days post-implantation. Fucking chiiiiill.

  10. Congrats and good luck! Hope I’m in the same boat tomorrow. I’ll be 9 DPO and I’ve had some symptoms similar to my previous pregnancies (both losses). 🤞🏼

  11. Ben and jerrys, pizza and whatever snacks i could find in the house.

  12. Ngl, I’ve also definitely binged while high, but lately I’ve been eating greek yogurt + banana + peanut butter + honey. It tastes sooo amazing when I’m high, and it’s a little dry so I guzzle water lol.

  13. 8 dpo. TMI alert: felt hopeful yesterday because I had creamy discharge and increased sex drive. Woke up this morning to normal, non-sore boobs so feeling a little less hopeful.

  14. CD2, of cycle 12. This is kind of a crappy milestone.

  15. If someone said that to me on CD1, idk what I would say, but it would not be a classy response like yours. You responded perfectly by saying, “not by choice.” Too bad she didn’t take the not so subtle hint to STFU 🙃

  16. Officially lost 5 lbs in 2.5 weeks! My weight loss is definitely slowing down after the initial whoosh, and that’s okay. I overate Sunday and Monday, but still at or just below maintenance, and I logged everything!

  17. A question for this sub: what is the longest period of unemployment that you'd had? My company is experiencing layoffs now and I feel like it's a matter of time before I'm next.

  18. 😂 How I feel trying to conceive for the last 1.5 years when the whole reason I went on birth control (at age 16) was to stop my horrendous period cramps.

  19. Hell yeah that's incredible! With what are you filling the void left by alcohol? IWNDWYT

  20. Just staying incredibly busy lol! Work, grad school, and just adopted a third cat 😁 Congrats on over 3 years!!

  21. I’m in St. Louis, and I just checked Zillow to get an idea. Given that it looks newer (built after ~2000) and it has a two car garage, I can honestly say it would go for 500k - 800k, depending on the area. That’s shocking to me! Even all the way out in St. Charles, I found a very similar house for 400k.

  22. Yes, I remember the post. Regardless of what you assumed, describing it as a

  23. You have a point, but the rules explicitly say no gifs or images. I respect the mods choice and I don't want people to be triggered. I've just seen those words use to describe non-loss related menstrual periods so many times that I didn't think much of it. Still, much like a solider being causal about war, I probably should be more mindful around people who don't share my trauma or who aren't in a place to see content about it.

  24. I liked your post. Not sure what we’re supposed to do if we can’t post dark humor about our miscarriages here. Literally no other community I can think of would accept that kind of humor. The miscarriage sub is super serious all the time (which is fine, that’s what it’s for), but miscarriages are awkward and uncomfortable and so taboo in regular life. I wish we had someplace we could joke about it. I also don’t want to make my own sub because I hope to god I never have another one, buuuut I probably will tbh 🫠

  25. I’ve had 2 miscarriages and I found that post funny and affirming to my experience

  26. CD 15, officially entering the TWW after only having sex on O-3 and O-5. Pretty disappointed, but maybe it will help me temper my expectations for this month (ha!).

  27. CD14…. Really thought I ovulated CD 12, but got an almost positive OPK yesterday. Testing again today to see if I get a positive. We last had sex CD11 and I just did not have it in me to initiate sex yesterday. 😭 Today will be even more challenging because we have a busy day and plans in the evening. I’m so burnt out. Might start looking into at home insemination.

  28. "no, really, a quickie is PREFERED. I'm tired." Bless the man, I'd rather have this problem than the opposite, but TTC has me like "can you just for once be a pump and dump kinda dude?"

  29. Lmao for real! Definitely a good problem to have in the grand scheme of things, but I have to wake up at 5:30 every morning and we only had time to start at 9 pm… clock’s ticking!! 😂 I need my beauty rest

  30. Going in for my HSG today, kind of nervous but trying to not psych myself out.

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