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  1. Asus Rog Scar 2 with rtx 2070 mobile

  2. On the image where you shown case opened from the side, it should open further on real ones, so I would assume these are fakes. Also do they even make glossy case for buds live? Mine are bronze and its matte.

  3. I can go back, would take me some time to get used to it, but I still won't enjoy it nearly as much as I do using 120hz.

  4. I would say that it is worth it, from my personal experience everything about this phone is very good, including battery life.

  5. I assume that first image is just over exposed to show what is happening?

  6. It is annoying but just going to note that it's happening only when difference is less than 10%

  7. Buds pro for overall performance, out of all buds they are best in everything and would be about on par with Sony top end tws, and airpods pro. But one things they heavily fail in is fit, it depends but from my personal experience they are likely to just not be comfortable even with foam tips.

  8. Can I ask how you got this setup to work using pressure sensitivity? I can't seem to get the combination working. Works fine in Concepts, but not Krita. But then, I am very new to this and am probably missing something obvious...

  9. In Settings>Configure Krita>Tablet Settings, I have set "Tablet Input API" to "Windows 8+ Pointer input (Windows Ink)".

  10. Likely you got a bad fit. Foam tips help a lot with it. ANC on buds pro is very good overall if you get lucky with fit, which due to their shape might be hard.

  11. Why does ythe beam community hate paid mods? AC has a lot of paid mods and often they are better than kunos' cars...

  12. It seems like a big chunk of beamng community are kids who don't have a source of income. So they come and cry about mod being paid even if it's cheap and good quality.

  13. beamng costs 21 Euro and has 33 cars assuming you're only paying for the cars, and not for the physics engine, any of the maps, sound design, or literally anything else, one car costs 0.64 euros The Cherrier Picnic costs 3.80 euros cheap my ass

  14. It is cheap, you should consider that mods rarely get as much attention as the game behind them, and apart from that they rarely would sell for as long as the game exists. It takes a lot of effort for one person to make some decent vehicle mod for this game. Unlike in game development where it's likely that multiple people work on them who have more skill from developing beamng for years.

  15. Sounds like OIS for 10x optical lense. It's very heavy and makes more noise than OIS for other sensors. Open camera app and select 10x, shake it and see if you hear it.

  16. Yea it's normal, did not taste it, yet... but it does smell like that. I remember early when phone released there were multiple posts about this, and someone said that it's either a wireless charging coil or coating.

  17. Normal for s22 series to get hot, especially s22 base/+ since they are smaller and use smaller vapor chamber heatsink.

  18. Something is either wrong with the hardware or the software. Try doing factory reset.

  19. Would you recommend the snapdragon version? I'm thinking to get one tommorow but still can't decide because of the battery issue

  20. My snapdragon s22u lasts about 8+ hours of SoT on average from wifi, about 6-7 hours with 5G only, and 7+ if combined. I am moderate user, not really something super intensive but often have multiple apps running, they are using internet, some are quite intensive like video editing or photo editing, or overall camera usage.

  21. Take the speaker grill off of earbud and clean it, doubt there is any damage, likely just clogged.

  22. From what I have discovered it's just them losing signal due to being essentially sealed inside, Bluetooth is very weak overall and sometimes it cannot pass even through basic objects.

  23. They are awesome buds as long as you get a good fit

  24. There is a few seconds of lag before the sound transfers from phone to headset after connecting to this T cable

  25. I would guess it's a dongle issue. I use dongle from another company, granted that it does not split for both charging and 3.5mm, but it does not have latency at all.

  26. Reddit is just broken, have it right now on samsung phone.

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