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  1. Frank. Frank ALL the way. He even played a person with dementia perfectly.

  2. UK Kitchen Nightmare is the best one IMO. Doesn't have that american suspense music and drama added to it.

  3. He'd take one look and realize. That is not Americas ass!

  4. Kept me watching to find out who the watcher was. When the ending provided no answer. It just felt like a waste of time.

  5. 'Cause I do really feel like I'm trapped in the Matrix. A materialistic world run by evil. Where money and power comes before spirituality and kindness.

  6. Which makes it more funnier that Mark uses the same joke when he meets April again.

  7. If it weren't for the bugs. The game would be quite enjoyable.

  8. I'm looking forward to car delivery then I realized it's only deliver my favorite vehicles like wtf let me choose.

  9. 80% of the time, my car doesn't get delivered. I've seen it at times just driving in the distance 😅

  10. Wasn't the first photo of some alley in france? And a selfie from the creator of the photodevice?

  11. Holding back the laughter should have won him some sort of reward 😅

  12. One of the coolest villains in IW, loved his powers.

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