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  1. The rest of the music (instrumentation, tempo, rhythms, timbres, etc.) makes way more difference as to happy/sad. Even then, happy/sad is in the ear of the listener, not the music.

  2. "Even then, happy/sad is in the ear of the listener, not the music."

  3. I can see from this and your other comments that your understanding of music is sorely lacking in nuance which would explain why your on here asking daft questions. You would be better served to immerse yourself in studying music you like and trying to understand why it makes you feel the way it does rather then come on here and try to convince people who actually know what they're talking about that major is always happy and minor is always sad

  4. Obviously. If I knew all about music, I wouldn't be here asking questions. What I notice however is that this sub really likes putting one down, calling them stupid and downvoting them to oblivion if they dare ask questions!

  5. My best guess is that it's a solina. Arturia makes one:

  6. Thank you for the advice. Your expertise helped very much :)

  7. I think dehumidifiers sound like a reasonable solution. We use air conditioning, but there are none in the attic. Leaving the windows opened wouldn't be a good solution I think, because then insect can easily enter the attic. About a month ago I found this in the attic and killed it:

  8. it's not exactly the same but maybe you should try maple calculator. it's free and allows you to see steps and solve from photo too. if anything it limits the amount of times a day you can see the steps without paying.

  9. Thanks for the feedback. Do you know if Maple Calculator is cracked yet?

  10. Have a look at Sabrent Rocket. (Not Sabrent Rocket Q)

  11. Thanks for the advice but the 1TB version of that SSD sells for 230 Euros while a Samsung 980 Pro I found sells for 180 Euros... not good.

  12. You're right. I changed the curve to an S and the dynamics are now played as written. I flattened the curves because I thought the sound was too loud, but as I said I am still a noob at VST.

  13. It could be that the user is banned, caught by reddits spam filter. I dont think the problem is because you. He could maybe also disabled pm

  14. I would make another email account with a fake name and troll him. I would first play along, act stupid, and then finally, call him out for being a scammer.

  15. Why the downvotes? Aren't scammers undeserving of any respect?

  16. Why does it matter? He could have a rtx2080ti & i9 and prefer to play on a ps1. If the guy is having fun with his ps3, let him.

  17. I'm not talking about personal preferences. I'm talking about technical advantages. A pc offers more versatility and that is undeniable.

  18. I have played with the g403 quiet long but switched recently to the g wolves skoll it is lighter and feels better than the g403 because it is smaller and suits my hand better.

  19. phdissonance, the downvotes just prove you right. You are correct and thank you for not being part of the masses.

  20. I'm no hiding genius, believe me. But in a safe perhaps? a little cheap one should do the trick still. Cliche places include under a rock..In your car somewhere? Closet..draws, Under some clothes. It really depends who or what you're hiding from/or whatever those keys unlock.

  21. They keys actually belong to a safe, and I don't want them to be exposed easily, so the cliche hiding spots aren't really viable. Thanks for the suggestions though.

  22. Bjezimo ja i Haso od nacista kroz sumu i odjednom naletimo na bunar. Kaze Haso "ajmo se sakrit u bunar i kad dodu nacisti glumit cemo jeku". Dodu nacisti i okupe se oko bunara. Zadere se zapovijednik "mozda su u sumi". Haso iz bunara kaze "mozda su u sumi". Opet se dere zapovijednik "a mozda su u bunaru", kaze Haso iz bunara "a mozda su u bunaru". Opet zapovijednik "a da bacimo bombu u bunar" a Haso kaze "a mozda su u sumi".

  23. I can't imagine such a study being done, and any reports you find will likely be ambiguous, as you say. Everyone's face is asymmetrical. Finding a behavior-based contributing factor beyond ordinary facial development is unlikely. There are regular questions here, mostly from young people, concerning facial asymmetry. Accept it as normal and move on. If you continue to worry about it, counseling can help.

  24. A study about this was indeed done. From "Some people believe that sleeping on your belly or with your face against a pillow, sitting with your legs crossed in the same direction for long periods of time, having poor posture, and resting your face against your hand can all contribute to facial asymmetry. One 2014 study found correlation between sleeping on your stomach and facial asymmetry."

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