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Alternate payment methods now allowed for useres 25+ and up in flair. Please read this post in it's entirety as it includes many key points. Thank you

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  1. Just dropped the price, dont know if that's allowed

  2. This is my first time seeing this knife and I really like it I love that etched logo.

  3. I feel like more I brag about this knife , more ppl want it lol … with that being said : Do not buy … complete garbage = waste of money 🤣

  4. I believe they are G10 that was custom printed on by Amplify EDC

  5. Love it , glws , just keep in mind for FF payment u need 25 flairs

  6. That bead looks awesome , where did u get it if u don’t mind me asking

  7. Thank you! I designed the bead and had it printed in stainless steel by Shapeways.

  8. Or I ll just take bead separate if u are willing to sell and the first guy does not want it

  9. Lol, I may be divorced shortly, but at least I'll have John to keep me company.

  10. May I suggest for sellers who want to accept FF , insurance is a must for an item ( knife ) over a certain amount - eg 100$ , does it make sense ?

  11. The risk is always on the seller until the item is marked delivered and in the promised condition. Whether the seller buys insurance or not is a financial decision for the seller to make - either way they're on the hook

  12. Agree , I’m sure a lot of folks not aware of that , it just needs to be as a suggestion in the rules

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