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  1. i sent you an email im on pc also you can find me on the for honor discord if need be

  2. i spend a lot of time in beginner mode for when its time to relax, typically get over 100 kills but they are mostly bots. i do fairly ok vs humans though not enough to stand out.

  3. pretty sure the stat page isn't accurate, at least mine has never been.

  4. idk man i play a lot of beginner mode to relax and i usually have over a 100 takedowns. i dont look at deaths.

  5. Moderators, IT/alpha testers, wiki editors, devs. People who help out? Positively impactful

  6. i dont feel like people who threw money at the game day 1 should get anything special i def think ppl who spend time to make the community better should get something special like why not?

  7. It shows that your perception of something may not be the thing perceived (in one sense) but equally and more significantly that the ability to perceive beyond your plane can open up understanding other dimensions. If our dimension was two dimensional we couldn't see or understand 3D shapes but we could use this to conceptualise their form.

  8. Half of it might be considered that, if she dies. But this isn't a loophole. And marital fianances are holistic, or at least can be. But also, the will doesn't matter if she's alive. How did you buy half, with what assets?

  9. its mortgage and yeah i guess it doesnt matter, its all holistic but i did provide most of the financial support for the majority of the marriage but i can only see pointing that out to get me stuck with alimony. never getting married again.

  10. i dont know how you did this but this is exactly how my brain works

  11. I try not to leave the game because I feel like a coward lol especially when I'm at the top like that at 5-5. Usually I hope for people to join and even the match but if it gets out of hand I just leave.

  12. I'm going to join the riots, maybe burn some stuff. Loot a little.

  13. i couldnt speak for yourself but my wife sees it as an insult if she doesnt get the attention to her body as she sees fit. whenever my wife wants a hug or if she gets up infront of me she expects an ass slap. she assumes this means attraction and love, maybe he had a relationship before hand like this. like i said this is completely different per couple but in personal experience ive had several women implore on my grouping

  14. i got it from facebook first off. entertainment typically does not involve the glorification or general normalization of rape even if implied. movies and with rape and murder do not hold such events in a bright light. i spit on your grave is all about rape and murder and not once was it funny.

  15. Posted by a man who’s never seen a real woman in any less than office attire

  16. The boys in Intelligence say 2 civilan casualties are within acceptable losses!

  17. thats only with guns tho with drones and bombs its more like 17-50k give or take

  18. "Every round you send down range that misses a target, is a round that could kill a civilian" -my Bootcamp Range Instructor

  19. no political statement was made but the group it comes from certainly is politically charged. for alt-righters

  20. like an og villain, imagine actually having sex with someone with that expression

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