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  1. I’m as big as Nick Smith fan as they come, while I have him personally at 2 by just a hair, lately I’ve had a hunch that Whitehead will overtake he and Scoot as the consensus 2nd pick.

  2. I been saying this as well. Whitehead is going to rise to number 2. But lets see how things play out.

  3. yeah this is possible. I want to see more footage of him.

  4. I dont like Ausar's handles. Thats a concern. And if they can get their three ball up that would be good for both of them. But he seem athletic and a good defender

  5. does this block your view of the environment, or can the screen size scale down? I believe that will be the most important factor for success in mainstream for this tech.

  6. Class 2 ebikes are pedal assist and throttle with 750w or lower battery. The throttle maxes out at 20 mph

  7. So how is Battery capacity described? Because it would be possible to have a high end class 2 like a Grizzly, but how do I determine which of those high end class 2 can last longer on full throttle?

  8. Grizzly isn’t likely legal, but it’s close enough that I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s not 750w nominal or peak.

  9. I will explain.. Shooting is fucking different and you won't know if they will be good shooters until they are in the NBA.. Playmaking is pretty translatable and defense most the time is(Sometimes takes a bit). Finishing is also translatable.

  10. Here's one of two cases in play, but apparently this one was recently decided in favor of public access which is fantastic news.

  11. What company makes all the sunglasses in the world? I can't remember

  12. Please define near future? IMO mainstream glasses are more than 5 years away. Photonics needs major advancements.

  13. I believe Qualcomm made a statement that next gen Smart Glasses are about 5 years away. That seem near future to me. For reference, the Cybertruck was announced 3 years ago.

  14. But in this instance, that’s where the article is saying it is being used…

  15. nah its bigger than that. Some of us are just concerned about this tech being abused by higher powers.

  16. I need to check out the video. Because I dont understand this new system

  17. thanks. Looks like the Wizards only have 1 2way contract player.

  18. whats not explained well is why was he drafted as high as he was when he showed nothing before the draft to warrant that draft position

  19. to be fair, didnt Kobe not want to play there, and that was back when drafted players had more leverage?

  20. I am kind of curious to see how stuff like this will affect the job market

  21. glad I found this thread. I dont like this movie

  22. Oh yea Davis 1000% won’t be as good as Young. I’m just saying there are lots of guys who struggle in SL and end up being good and visa versa. SL is just not a good predictor. Use it to predict nba success at your own risk.

  23. But the vast majority of draft picks that went on to become MVP in Summer League, became All Stars in the NBA. So there has to be something to the Summer League

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