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  1. You don’t see value in the wordplay? Besides when making investments you gotta look at potential risk and loss associated.

  2. Bambi when the skunk got kissed, turned red and stiff as a board.

  3. Not sure about outside US markets, but to sort of add I prefer fresh pasta over the dried stuff as they cook faster and I feel the absorb the flavors better and less gritty of a mouth-feel(feels like eating sand on the rinse).

  4. One thing I could think of is getting the capacity to drive a car. Like learning all rules and regs, mechanical tips, the works. I would also finalize all that by getting hands on a car soon as getting the license and appropriate registration so when driving all can be settled simply. I spent 16 years pedestrian beyond driving age minimum and I tell you a car is totally worth it to learn. Best Wishes! :)

  5. Depends if they are sugar-free… The L.A Beast ate an entire 5lb bag of them and lost his shit!

  6. The ones caught on video, I think they are called “YouTube-Bears”… XD

  7. Use of body mechanics, physics, and music. My favorite to put on is Break Stuff from Limp Bizkit

  8. I actually like that song, it is one you could really feel the emotion and get the story at the same time.

  9. (From point of discovery) Suicide Silence- Capable of Violence(N.F.W)

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