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  1. Damage cap was removed from the Aegis aura, alongside the absorption rate being connected to the player's Defence level. Now the aura's protective shield consistently reduces all damage by 10%.

  2. It's midday 2nd in the UK where SoT team is located.

  3. I hang out in the pvme discord a fair bit, and the general consensus in there was, "The new Ring of Death is OP and should be nerfed, have fun with it while you can."

  4. i'm not mad about the nerf, i'm mad that didn't do it last week and have given us time to get used to it and now take it away.

  5. even if only just lore and location wise. But for the gameplay aspect some improvement to grouping across worlds would help, since this unfortunatly is the big turn off for most people.

  6. Incentive are tokens, best xp rate (by far if carding), achievements and lore.

  7. would be neat, if instead of killing it off, they actually made some content in it, see osrs.

  8. nah, this has been long considered an exploit to the point that the speedrun community didn't even accept kills doing this. so good riddance.

  9. lol, guide is already incorrect on 2 out of these 5 so called lures.

  10. No, if you don't want to lose your shit don't turn on pvp.

  11. ikr, some people just can't comprehend it, and instead have to downvote and cry about it on reddit.

  12. small disclaimer, it's not from teleporting, it was like that when i arrived.

  13. what i'm wondering, where did this uncovered flat tiled floor suddenly comes from.

  14. depends on how the mobs spawn and how often they do/threat increases. Who knows, you might even be safe if you just close the door.

  15. How will they balance the death costs out with the classic way of returning to recover your items from the grave? This was a cheaper or even free way to die for lower risk people, but way more expensive to the point of just not an option for people with more high value items risked.

  16. Anything containing or is a variant on the following: biting 4, aftershock 4, caroming 4. (especially if you want demon slayer with your b4 or c4)

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