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FBI looked for documents on nuclear weapons when raiding Trump's home

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  1. The entire market is going down. This is the next leg of the bear market. Good luck y’all.

  2. I know, but REV has actually a bigger chance of shooting to $30, where they will release (if they want) 2M shares....

  3. Big lots movinggg. Lower float than BBBY. High short interest. Hopefully I’m in early.

  4. Mavs literally beat the defending champion Kobe Lakers wtf are you talking about

  5. Jesus Christ. This is GME all over again… now it’s not a squeeze, it’s a long term fundamental transformation play.

  6. I think it’s gona the same but faster I drs my shares like a year ago for gme…. I sent all my bbby shares to AST already. And i have only held bbby for 2 months now. I can’t be the only one doing this

  7. Also got a massive short interest and low float. I bought in on Friday.

  8. Simmons with Seth, kyrie, KD and Joe Harris is a death line up. Idk what KD is thinking wanting to leave.

  9. They’ll get bought out eventually and when that is announced then your short play will go up in flames.

  10. Idk how I feel about this, I like it but I wanna hate it…

  11. Just get a rocket. But like a cool rocket - not bezos’ dick shaped one.

  12. Thats my point…all the bullshit always pops off. Like come on lol.

  13. Throwback to Flynn’s plan to sell nuclear tech to the Saudis:

  14. My thanks. It is my hope that one day, I'll have posted enough spreadsheets based on spreadsheets that my mother will love me.

  15. The double sell, rebuy and resell all at the perfect times. 10/10 lol. And I bet people on here will believe you and follow this aha

  16. Does that mean Lebron won’t get the Miami jersey retired? Was he going to anyways?

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