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  1. It was given to you because she couldn't legally have it. Seems like you were just the custodian and she has a right to it back now. The state says she can have it, you're overstepping if you don't return it to her. Just make sure the transfer is above board and it's done. You never deal with her again.

  2. I literally just can't give a fuck anymore. The world bungled this shit from the start and refuses to do what it takes to beat it. Covid is here to stay and we just need to deal. No need to get worked up over every new fart in the covid-verse.

  3. I met my buddies on an internet forum. I displayed a find there and they recognized the area. We realized we were local to each other and spent weekends hunting together for the next four years until I moved. Good times.

  4. Similar experience, but the abuse started later (10 yo) when adoptive mom re-married. Lots of PTSD treatment, and a partner who never gave up on me and I no longer dissociate, throw punches from a dead sleep if touched, self-harm, etc. It's hard, and it takes a lot of effort to dig down and find yourself again / excise the trauma monster patterns of behavior.

  5. Just remember you're dealing with real people with real emotions. Ensure the adoptee who has engaged you is being realistic in their expectations. You may find information that they don't like, that might be triggering. Get on the same page as them and determine how much truth they want. It's probably best to let the adoptee make first contact, but I've heard it both ways, that it can be easier for a third party to arrange the communication.

  6. you've got a dang good spot. Old dumps like that are getting fewer and far between. keep digging down and you'll probably get to the really good stuff.

  7. Last night at my club, we worked fundamentals with the new long sworders. It was as basic as how to come into the bind properly. Learning what your proper measure is, where to hit on the sword, what to happen if you're weak on weak / weak on strong / strong on strong. Coach had everyone practicing it in kit over and over again until we weeded things out like throwing strikes at the sword instead of the opponent. It was a brilliant lesson.

  8. He went looking for trouble and found it. Unfortunately, the mob played right into the hands of conservatives and presented the "threat" he was looking for. The boy wanted to larp as a soldier and a "patriot"... now he's going to be made a hero by the right for "pwning the libs and fake news media"... He never should have been in Kenosha that night, but let's not pretend the mob was stainless through last year's events either. There's too much video out there of people getting their lights knocked out just for trying to prevent crimes against their property or person.

  9. .22lr, .25auto, .32auto, .380auto, .45auto, 9mm, .40s&w, 7.62x39, 12g. Fml.

  10. Why would stoops call those timeouts? Seriously..

  11. 4th and 24. He needed a way to take out his frustration after the refs bitch slapped him.

  12. As a big Harley Quinn fan, I adore this weapon. So pretty.

  13. Looks about like my Liechtenauer which was ordered with oxblood leather and arrived in June.

  14. It looks a bit redder in sunlight, but yeah it's very dark brownish red. I don't mind it tbh.

  15. Stay away from McRae Family Dentistry. Piss poor work, rude staff, and at best overly cautious in recommending filling cavities, at worst performing unnecessary work.

  16. Was out on a 19th century homestead about 10 years ago in some woods on the outskirts of town. There was the remainder of a cabin, a few barns, servants cabin. Had good luck finding relics there in the past. Suddenly, my buddy and I saw a helicopter approaching. It was the damned county sheriff got called out on us by a neighbor. The chopper began to circle us so we made our way back down to the road where the truck was parked and found four cruisers down there waiting for us. The deputies wanted to see ID, asked us what we were doing, and said we should probably not be up there. They acknowledged that the person who called it in didn't have any authorization to kick us out and we weren't doing anything wrong so we weren't arrested or detained further. Pretty unnerving.

  17. My birth mom has serious issues and bio-dad did way back in the day but he cleaned up his act and got sober. He's just been hyper focused on being a good dad to his kids and enjoying retirement through gardening and watching jeopardy over the phone with his grand daughter. Unfortunately...I don't fit into the equation anywhere and He's uninterested in having a relationship, but my sister lets ne know how he's doing.

  18. This was me 12 years ago. I just really wanted the PGO... and then it punched me in the face at my "seated only" range...almost immediately after put a stock on it.

  19. I'm sorry bro. That sucks but your result is not surprising. At least you have one with a stock now though :)

  20. No worries. It was a lesson learned. Luckily walked away with all my teeth.

  21. This story might be of interest to you.

  22. More like a parry and riposte right in the solar plexus.

  23. Wow, the reporter who wrote this is a condescending prick.

  24. Is this not a sub for advice? I figured it would be a good place for adoption advice

  25. I deleted the comment because it was kinda rude. Sorry.. but because you replied, it just seems more like a child psychology question than something adoption related. This sub has perspectives from bio-parents, adoptees, social workers, and many others so it's possible you might find what you're looking for, but you might have better luck asking a psychologist about the impacts of television in early childhood.

  26. Sure, just stick to the rules and be respectful to others. 👍

  27. I had a Knoxx for years on my M500. I really liked the recoil management and the collapsible stock. However, it made the best part of the Mossberg design, the safety, unusable, which was something I only found out after putting many rounds through it in training. Coming completely off a firing grip to manipulate the safety was bad manual of arms.

  28. That's a really good insight. I hadn't really thought of that. In low stress target shooting it's not really been a problem but I can definitely see where if you needed speed or were in a high stress defensive scenario it might be a negative.

  29. What fucking year is it that I’m still reading about trump rallies

  30. These are also the people who worshipped ronald Reagan for decades after he left office. Fortunately Reagan didn't embrace and keep feeding the cult following. Trump's narcissism is all to excited to accept the worship and adoration.

  31. I say bring it the fuck on. Most of these people are just mentally ill fat fucks that wouldn’t last 30 minutes in a real war.


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