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  1. Yuji Kiba from Kamen Rider Faiz. Another Inoue show. He’s basically the OG Sonoi.

  2. That’s a typo. What he actually meant to say is “I could’ve helped them lose in even greater fashion, I reached out but Bills responded with they didn’t want any distractions. That’s crazy me.”

  3. The neutral site was decided due to the inbalance of games of played, with Buffalo and Cincy there’s no such inbalance.

  4. I’d also say it’s lot more sustainable this time around. 2017’s team was built around good defense which is hard to translate from year to year, and were lacking in both QB & coach. 2022’s is built around a star quarterback, with a championship coach, and many young pieces on both sides of the ball.

  5. Basically every episode of Kuuga began with a Gurongi brutally murdering a civilian(s)

  6. I’m confused. If the Bucs lose Sunday Night, the Bucs and Panthers tie next week, the Saints lose next week, the Panthers and Saints tie Week 18, and the Falcons win out the Falcons would win the division right? I know that’s basically impossible, but the Falcons should still be mathematically in it. Or am I wrong?

  7. I just checked with playoff machine, win percentage wise that would to Panthers at 6-9-2. So yeah, Atlanta’s season is over.

  8. Whether or not they’ve got that dawg in ‘em.

  9. Faiz had like a six episode stretch where he henshined once.

  10. He will still be in the intro just not in the part where they showcase each individual riders

  11. I know that, I’m just noting the part where they showcase the riders.

  12. They should just change MVP to Cy Young for QB’s because thats pretty much what it already is now. Make offensive player of the year officialy the offensive player that isn’t a QB. Leave the other awards as is.

  13. I’m still confused by the LaKeith Stanfield nomination.

  14. Tsubasa is the modern day Ryo Ashihara.

  15. Dark Kiva is an amazing reetool of Kiva Emperor. They went further in with vampire motif and the use of black and blood red was a brilliant idea.

  16. TBF, The Raiders last year were 7-2 in one score games, and 4-0 in OT. That usually tends to go the other way the following year.

  17. I want to give a shout out to Horobi. He used one form for most of Zero-One and either won or at least held his own in most of his fights regardless of powerset. Even on when he lost he learned and got better afterwards.

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