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  1. Rainbow Six Extraction already did it:

  2. Ant-man’s newest suit also very Kamen Rider-ist for me.

  3. My dock is broken so I don’t know. But I remember Switch has motion control, so instead of touching, use the motion control when dock. At least make the “shower/bath” pokemon with motion.

  4. I think I just realized that in gen 5 with GYM leaders like Skyla and Elsa having a job as pilot and model/actress respectively aside from being gym leaders. Meanwhile I am unsure what Sabrina, Jasmine or Norman do for a living.

  5. I mean our first GYM ever in Gen 5 is a restaurant with 3 leaders are Chef/Waiters for their own. There also histrorian/archeologist GYM leader.

  6. If you buy a whole console for one game without eventually branching out to try others on that system...I don't have much sympathy to offer.

  7. My friend worked his ask off to get the PS4 years ago because Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming. And he thought he can play all the remake on ps4. Only to know that part 2 will exclusive for PS5. Of course he is in distraught ever since Jul.

  8. I guess they are testing on the cross play since PS4 and PS5 can play together. Xbox Series and Windows also can. They need as much as test results before the next step it is. This give me high hope for MH6

  9. Only DB has constantly squeaking with their attack.

  10. If mh taught me anything, youre a monster for what you did to your palamutes.

  11. Don’t forget you can have an Cohoot (Owl) full head too. (ÔvÔ)

  12. I feel suboptimal if I don't collect them. And then I feel it become a chore to follow the route in each map. And then I feel when I join a hunt that I am letting people down while I collect my birds

  13. I think people are more glad that you take time to collecting birds first, before joining the hunt than let them down especially on higher Anomaly Level monster.

  14. It's to restrain her unimaginable power from throwing poke curve balls. Without it she might accidentally put a great ball clean through a Steelix' head with a toss.

  15. So, does that mean Nemona study under Mrs. Honey from SwSh at some point?

  16. Outside the pokeball it runs like Jack Sparrow and it is Glorious

  17. “Captain” Jack Sparrow! if you please.

  18. I read it as Chocolate Gore Magala & now there’s no turning back.

  19. Soooo, the stroy of Monster Hunter Movie 2 is that lady give Gore a Chocolate and he got addicted to it and keep screaming “Chocolate“ every 3 seconds in the movie.

  20. This may talk so many time on here. But I wish they give voice action in this game.

  21. First Guzma, then Pyre (Pire?) and now Ryme. Those three are design base on Musicians theme. And yet none of them have voice for singing or rapping. Seeing Ryme’s high quality line in silence hurt me so much.

  22. Yeah like, I don't need to be an adult, but I would like to at least have the option to be as tall as Nemona or Arven, for example.

  23. Looking at the disfigured bug about character skeleton got stretched out while tried riding on Miraidon… you know what? I don’t want that feature. /s

  24. They have sleeping animation for each and every pokemon in Amie/care/picnic, but they still can’t add them into real battle. They had so many cute animation in care systems to include the game.

  25. Umm, no. There's probably a good number of resolution nerds that put too much stock on pixel counts, but you can't blame them when the quality has fallen as far as it has. I know I'm not the only one that would just like a unified art style with appropriate models of landscape/trees/etc that aren't still badly done polygons in the release version of the game. Heck, super stylize it with more cell shading or make it into a comic book style to legitimize the lack of smooth models. Something that looks like they made an effort.

  26. Tbf, we don’t want the game has to be 120fps or UE5, but a decent one. Xenoblade 3 can do open world well, Breath of the Wild can do the same. Both game can make open world run smoothly without any performance hiccup. So, why SV can not do the same?

  27. I’ve always had a head canon that magic used on one’s own body can be pretty unwieldy and potentially dangerous, which is why Pomfrey and other wizards educated in health magic have to be particularly skilled

  28. I remember one of Prof. Sprouts’ class in which she teaches them about the usage of the oil collected from the plan can be used for acne/pimple removal.

  29. They confirmed in this video that it gets down to 2 fps.

  30. Wait until you see the Wind Turbines in one of the area. Those things just drop to 2 fps when I was standing on the edge of the nearby cliff. Like they were on character’s eye level just few steps apart. And the other in the same line just stop spinning.

  31. Rose seriously needed some current present threat to make his character more apparent. What if the threat wasn't a random future energy crisis but literally the fact that eternatus slowly awakening was going to cause unimaginable destruction to galar and Rose was trying to save it by gathering wishing pieces to power a defense system through dynamax energy. Then him getting Leon on board was to have the literal champion himself take out the eldritch god pokemon as soon it was awakened. Pretty sound plan that could easily go wrong and the player character and Leon instead end up trying to stop Rose from going through with it because it does pose a massive risk to the region if it fails.

  32. Rose’s story in the anime make more sense than in the game. In anime, it’s revealed that his father dead while working in the coal mine for energy. He then work hard to invent new energy plan and he closed all the mines in region to prevent the tragedy happen again (explain why there are only 2 mine/dungeon in game.)

  33. With the absurd requirements to get Tykoon’s core ID. I’m gonna used this instead. Thank you man!

  34. I think on the writer view, Rowling wanted to write a parallel image of Ron and Lupin on the subject that: Dumbledore want the best friend to the prefect who he thought would keep Harry and James in check but they both failed miserably. lol

  35. I'm still confused on why people are having OVERLEVELED pokemon's with no gym badges? Aren't the badges supposed to allow us to train pokemon up to a certain level?

  36. Ever since SwSh the GYM badges works a bit different now. I guess just for the free roaming they aim for.

  37. I still don’t get it. They made Legend Arceus as testing ground for open world capture pokemon. The game got highly praised for it.

  38. The man who rise Jyamato Garden his name is Archimedel: Archimedes & Mendel. His ambition gonna creates new superior species for sure.

  39. no he's not, different dude. he was in ooo as a guest star tho according to his mdl profile

  40. That female trainer at the end, she just turns her head to the camera like to say: "Did you see that shit!"

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