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  1. Local48, marble hornets, Mandela Catalogue, Erratas are the few good ones, I have been pondering about making my own for a while now, but I'm scared it's gonna turn out to be something mundane that an 8th grader could make on their phone... I am very conflicted lol

  2. KrainagrzybowTV is really good, they have a new series out now called indistinct chatter which is an underrated masterpiece that is pretty freaky

  3. The kid sitting at the desk is from a line of characters I always referred to as Smiling Doofuses.

  4. Omg. I have been wondering about this since I was a kid. Now I can find all the "smiling doofuses" I want! Thank you!

  5. Don’t forget, if you have a meltdown you will A. Be ignored B. Be infantilized or C. Be treated like a hardened criminal and a threat to society

  6. From where I've been, England. The best meal I had there was Thai takeout or the airport lounge at Heathrow.

  7. (you did not see that meme just before waking up)

  8. The channel behind smile guides is starting a new series called indistinct chatter and it is pretty freaky too

  9. It is also not ideal to scream so much that you frighten your parents

  10. We will be moving this spring and I will have my own place to go with it but first we have to deal with some stuff in order for this to happen. So a better way of putting it is that it’s not idea for me to leave right now, everyone in my household is stuck between a rock and a hard place

  11. Indistinct chatter is a good surreal horror series, there is only one episode out rn and idk when the next one will be real but it’s pretty good.

  12. isn't Corporal punishment already banned in most countries including Canada?

  13. In the official lore I have for this country, corporal punishment was officially criminalized in 1990 and because 90% of all households used it they had to crack down on it

  14. It’s Ontario, I made a thing where Ontario breaks off from Canada and becomes communist. It’s the Democratic Republic of Ontario

  15. I’ve managed to not yet get banned despite my best efforts.

  16. Fuck Canada all my homies support the DRO (Democratic Republic of Ontario

  17. I would run that through a binary to ASCII converter but I don't feel like typing it all out

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