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  1. Marked Decks changed my life. I’ve been addicted since the first time I picked up cohorts.

  2. Maybe you do this trade every time but why the fuck would the Celtics? They just made the finals in year 1 with a new coach and their two best players are 24 and 25. Why on earth would they trade one for a 34 year old who doesn’t solve any of the problems that kept them from winning? And then add in 5 first round picks to that?? Pass. This team is built to compete long term and based on this season, its biggest need is a playmaking ball handler and some bench scoring. That trade is for a team that has a short window and needs a major addition to succeed.

  3. I’m curious, do you feel like your team beats the warriors this year if you had swapped Jaylen with KD? Obviously this completely hypothetical.

  4. Just my theory but I think the reason KD doesn’t want to play for him hometown is because his relatives, friends will always ask him for handouts, money etc

  5. This era with John Wall, Russell Westbrook and James Harden all in their primes feels so long ago now it’s kinda crazy. It was so fun to watch too

  6. Point guard debates were so fun and so heated lol

  7. I’ve lived in NYC since 2018 and I haven’t seen or even heard of this once. This is not a regular occurrence. I’ve also moved almost every year

  8. I gotta be honest, this clip isn’t playing for me. Does anyone have another option?

  9. Yeah that’s what I’m seeing. Guess I just have to assume the worst 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Joe Pesci / tommy was a made man in goodfellas. Look what happened to him

  11. Actually he thought he was gonna be a made man, but it turned out to be his execution. They were never gonna make him.

  12. Is that how he got the nickname timelord? Genuine question I have no idea

  13. Pro tip: Marketing folks take all that "blink and you'll miss it", quirky cult fan stuff into consideration. If the movie detail is of a product for sale or company that makes products for sale, you better believe it's advertisment and not for the sake of movie trivia.

  14. Thanks for the warning. I’ll make sure to stop watching things I enjoy.

  15. Personally my favorite marked deck is the Cohorts. They’re not bicycle, but I love the stock and I’ve never been caught on the marking system and it’s so clearly written.

  16. My favorite thing about Reddit is all the awesome podcasts I have found on here.

  17. Well this is a great one. Never has new podcast episodes brought me so much joy each week

  18. It's so obvious and over the top marketing. It is really turning me off of this movie. I know it's going to be a completely mediocre movie based on the main character but all the fake buzz makes it sounds like the greatest movie since the 80's.

  19. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was so cool

  20. If you want to give them a REAL mind-screw, tell them a name that belongs to a different, well-known routine, so that when they google it, they will be SUPER confused.

  21. Ahah I had someone try to google after seeing my Omni deck routine and they kept calling it “invisible deck” and were confused by why their searches seemed both so close yet so far off

  22. I feel like every magician at one point or another thinks “I’m gonna use quarters! Everyone has them and basically no magician uses them. I’ll Be so unique!” I know I did.

  23. Mustaches get a bad rap. Mustaches are cool.

  24. Depends on the context imo. Only allowed when you're a fire fighter, mail man, cook or singer of a wildly succesful rock band.

  25. Even if the refs, schedule, and fans were perfect you’d still find something to complain about. You like complaining so much you dedicated your username to complaining about subreddit mods lmao

  26. Regardless of what you think of NFTs this one is so ugly lmfao

  27. Isn’t talked about enough how dirty of a play that was. I love crowder and thing he’s literally one of the best role players in nba history but any form of hip checking/under cutting mid air is dirty. He also had “beef” with Hayward since Boston chose Hayward over him after he was the “unofficial captain” of Boston post rondo.

  28. I thought it was LeBron who went up for a block and Hayward just fell wrong?

  29. I can’t believe someone gilded this lmfao

  30. And Smith got one moments after he assaulted someone on camera. They are banned from attending. Not winning.

  31. You’re not wrong but that’s a bit of a weird example. They’re not gonna ban him from the oscars, during them. Although they did ask him to leave, he just said no.

  32. They played high school ball together. And won a national title together if i'm not mistaken.

  33. I think it would be cool to see them play together again down the line

  34. Does it extend beyond this song? Because it's already the exact same trick done many times.

  35. Yes it does. This woman is pretty famous for reinventing the wheel when it comes to quick change. She’s also a magician. Amongst magicians she’s well known for taking what we all consider to be a relatively hack form of magic performance and making it something no one had ever seen before. She fooled Penn and Teller with her act.

  36. Took way too long to see her name on here. Thanks!

  37. Haha you’re welcome! Always ready to support my fellow magic makers

  38. I’ve always liked Chris Miller. And anyone is better than Justin.

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