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  1. Favorite gameplay modifier mod: probably a tie between Jewelcrafting and Creature Level & Loot Control

  2. If you are this upset about it, your family/friends probably wouldn't do it. It's not harmful or hurtful, it's just some friendly attention and a joke. You're taking it far too seriously, but you're also not from this culture.

  3. Inhaling cinnamon, which would be very likely if you were literally covered in it, is really bad for your lungs.

  4. I just assume if I am going to put my summon sign down, the host is summoning me because they have no idea what they are doing. If they were experts at the game, they wouldn't need a summon. I find this kind of host behavior endearing to be honest.

  5. Uhh... to each their own I guess.

  6. Lightning miracles are pretty bad for PVE; they're nowhere near as versatile, efficient, or outright damaging as sorcery / pyromancy most of the time. But they're pretty useful in invasions. I can't tell you how many times I've gone up against a level 200 password phantom swinging a big ultra around, only to laugh as they get one shot by a Sunlight Spear to the face from a poise casted Canvas Talisman. It's hilarious every time.

  7. No offense but you have that many promotions and are STILL low on cores? Do you just get everything for every character?

  8. I don't understand your question. I've forged all the overclocks, and I've forged every cosmetic core I've received. I have about ten blank cores. I was just hoping I'd get a big glut of cosmetics to forge all at once. I wouldn't be able to afford forging them all, so it would give me more incentive to go do missions.

  9. I'm consistently perplexed as to why it's designed like this. If I can connect to the router, why shouldn't I be able to control the dish functions?

  10. I went the opposite direction and added a mod that removes portals from the build menu. And another mod that removes the map, which forces navigation by visual landmarks.

  11. When you’re intentionally rolling around and trying to clip into shit that you’re not supposed to then yeah, you’re gonna have some unintended but deserved consequences.

  12. I've seen hosts roll themselves into that infinite falling spot quite a few times during invasions. It's not that hard to do accidentally.

  13. I failed an "only use one disguise" complication because I wanted to change back into my suit before leaving the mission. Is this intentional? Seems really stupid if so.

  14. Ignoring how self-righteous and masturbatory this is, the real crime here is the horrendous misuse of the image format.

  15. Love to feed my children poison. Love to literally have no choice in the matter because all of the food is poison


  17. Look in your logfile. If the name of the effect is not recognized, it should list possible effect names in the log

  18. An error I'm seeing in the server log:

  19. Dont think so, works fine for me. Check the main account and share the library again.

  20. Noted. I think I figured out the problem. See the update in the OP if you're curious.

  21. I have full residential service, and my connection frequently cuts out for three to seventeen seconds at a time. I often get four, five, six of these five+ second disconnects in a single minute. It's absolutely laughable for a service that advertises itself as being viable for online gaming. I have zero obstructions, the outages occur across all devices on the network simultaneously, regardless of whether I'm using the Starlink router or a third party router, and regardless of wifi vs ethernet. And the only responses I get to my support tickets are canned apologies for slow download speeds accompanied by blaming congestion in my area. I've made it very clear that I don't care about speeds, but frontline support techs clearly don't actually read the tickets. I could tolerate slow speeds if the connection were stable and usable for gaming.

  22. The ability to, FROM GAMING MODE, access the list of players recently encountered in online play to interact with their profiles (add, follow, block, etc.).

  23. You have to go open Steam from desktop mode. I do the same thing for DS3 and Elden Ring. If they ever get the DSR servers back up I like to invade on it too.

  24. That's horribly inconvenient to the point that it generally doesn't seem worth the trouble.

  25. The number of comments using the word 'trap' in reference to trans women and getting massive upvotes has made it very clear what kind of community this sub has fostered. I'm out.

  26. I desperately wish I could play a version of this game that doesn't include Point Extraction.

  27. Replay IV again now to see what the driving physics are actually like. They were horrendous then and they’re even worse now. It was like driving a top-heavy tugboat through syrup. I never got why people praised them so much.

  28. I'm replaying through IV right now on my Deck, and I can't disagree any harder with this comment.

  29. I just beat the story on deck, 27 hours later.

  30. I've only used cinematic mode during a taxi ride maybe three times, but the game never crashed from it in my experience.

  31. I don't know how people can stand using Youtube without uBlock origin and SponsorBlock.

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