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  1. Thanks for the reply! I definitely don't want to only play the Bm notes over Bm and the F notes over the F, I do like the idea of letting some notes rub against the "wrong" chord, makes thing much more interesting as long as it's done right, not lingering on them for too long and using them more like embellishments or passing notes on the way to the "right" notes. I'm not very good at it but I guess that it's just a matter of practice and familiarity with the chords.

  2. The notes are B C D F F# A. If you're OK with respelling F as E#, you can play B Ukrainian-dorian b2 (same notes as the Arabic scale Athar Kurd), which goes B C D E# F# G# A.

  3. Where could I learn more about scales like the Ukrainian-dorian and Indian? They sound very interesting.

  4. You can't. It's not currently enabled in the game.

  5. Aw. That kinda sucks, I wanted to have an active build, afk build, and fishing build. Which build should I sacrifice the damage on for fishing abilities then? The active one or the AFK one?

  6. Your active and AFK builds aren't going to be massively different. Cut the active one.

  7. If you click on "afk gains", should be on a tab in bottom right you can see you afk gains. There you see a few numbers, most important are kill/xp per hour and something in a percentage. If you have 1000 kill an hour and 70% for example. That means while you are active you will kill estimate of 1k kill an hour. If you go offline you kill 700 an hour(70%).

  8. I knew about the afk gains tab, just wasn't sure if drop table was the same from afk and active play. Thanks!

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