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Epic showdown between a latino family and racist one.

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  1. Tea pot quality depends on if it can pour out tea with laminar flow and minimal splash as you “pull” away the tea pot

  2. The pour does not say anything about the clay quality.

  3. If you have great clay and shit pour it sucks anyway.

  4. The truth is that a lot of our communication is like this. That's why the AI generated it.

  5. That is quite literally one of the most insane things I’ve ever heard of in my life. I find it absolutely hilarious how history always seems to rhyme. People hundreds of years ago loathed new machines because it was going to put people out of work. How is it any different now? We will adapt, always have. Not to mention, education is a cornerstone of humanity. I do NOT want to abolish that quite frankly.

  6. Good for you that you don't want to abolish that. I'm not sure if the economy will agree with you; at the end of the day, education must have some real tangible impact on our world. Writing AI essays isn't doing anything.

  7. Yikes. Person with autism here. If you sit and talk with me, you will think I’m of diminished capacity. I don’t make eye contact. I scramble for my words the way an embarrassed person picks up a stack of papers they dropped in a busy hallway. I don’t make facial expressions. People assume I’m slow. I’ve had more than one person in my life ask me if I’m literate, and when I said yes, they didn’t believe me and made me prove it.

  8. Neurotypicals really don't understand this. Professors are people, and people judge each other constantly on the basis of appearance, intonation and sociability. We see this in the work place all the time.

  9. Big words for a man that fathered a child with his maid behind his wife's back.

  10. Now we need the sex doll version with vibrating baby dragons.

  11. It's called a joke, because this looks exactly like a sex doll. Look it up.

  12. Your question is, in a sense, a version of

  13. The paradox of intolerance is something that often gets regurgitated in liberal/progressive circles but it almost never applies when used in context. Having "Mein Kampf" on the library shelves is not going to lead to violence in the streets and the collapse of government. It is mostly a very crappy thought experiment that gets shared on social media far too often.

  14. Smooth brain take. Reality is that eastern EU tends to be more corrupt and less-well governed. I feel bad for the people in Romania and Bulgaria though, they had reasonable expectations. I do hope they join in the future or find some other path to economic prosperity and good living standards for their people.

  15. honestly, though, what are the other 19 supposed to do, then? Die????

  16. What makes you think we have a god-given right to a high income and job security?

  17. It is an implied argument. There are plenty of jobs that have become part of the precariat, but only when comfy upper middle class jobs end up on the chopping block do we hear an outcry.

  18. …once you get up the snow covered spiral stairs with your luggage.

  19. The only redeemable thing about these clowns are the big milkers of the woman with the white shirt.

  20. I honestly believe the solution is in federalization. The US had the same problem under the Articles of Confederation. The individual states had too much power and were fickle in their funding of the Continental Army. Federalization under the Constitution empowered a strong federal government to directly fund the army. It led to the the creation of the Constitution class of frigates that made the US a major naval power. A strong federal government was able to drive a better defense of the US in the War of 1812 than in the Revolutionary War. A strong federal government that also secured Florida from Spain, the Louisiana territory from France, the Oregon territory from Great Britain, and the western states from Mexico. Even if an EU army was to come about today, the decentralized nature of the EU would likely neuter it as a capable fighting force. Getting even a single next-gen fighter plane program off the ground was a huge hassle, and now Europe has two different FCAS efforts instead of one. An EU army won’t work until Europe decides to federalize and that won’t happen until European countries are okay with surrendering their sovereignty to make it happen.

  21. "European" Union has let's say 400.000.000 million people. 300 bln make less 1.000€...

  22. I need a name and know....for science. Lol

  23. I also need a precise number to extend the current scientific literature through my research.

  24. There was a surge of boot camps in the late 2010s that promised 12 weeks to turn you into an elite full stack software developer and get you a 6 figure FAANG career. For the low low price of 20k. Then they’d teach you a bit of html and you’d go back to driving for doordash.

  25. Beautiful kitty looking out of the window. I'm sorry for your loss.

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