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  1. That’s helpful for multi disk games but I’ve got single disk .bin flies on my card but they’re coming up twice in my garlic os menu.

  2. The CUE file will show up in Garlic as well. It's not hard to convert to CHD. Download CHDMAN, put batch file into same directory as all your BIN/CUE files, run batch file.

  3. The problem now is when im in balena the target dont pop up

  4. Format the card and assign it a drive letter.

  5. What do you mean you have both? You have two different sd cards?

  6. If you look at his older posts he has Garlic running so I'm guessing the card is corrupt or its something he did but no way to troubleshoot since he's giving no details.

  7. All a screen protector does for me is protect the actual lens from being scratched which is what the plastic sheet does. So therefore(at least to me) the switch OLED comes with a plastic screen protector already applied.

  8. Lens? It's a screen, not a camera.

  9. Okay, so i’ve done something right and GarlicOS is running, only problem no games or emulators seem to be available

  10. Consoles only appear if you have roms in the folders. Garlic doesnt come with roms because of legal reasons. You'll have to get them yourself. Tiny Best Set Go is a popular one.

  11. Thanks! I read something that Garlic OS may improve battery life too. Is that true?

  12. Yes it has dynamic clocks so saves power when it doesn't need it. Basically, stock has no advantages over Garlic. There is no reason to use it.

  13. Selecting 002 along with 001 does absolutely nothing. It's redundant, just extract 001.

  14. This change cleared up 100 slots in my hero inventory because of those stupid dogs. Fuck the old system.

  15. Telemarketing and scam callers.

  16. Pretty sure GarlicOS is based on a 16GB image.

  17. For a 1 card setup no problem. You can swap back and forth. It won't work for a 2 card setup though since they have different file structures for the roms.

  18. I know, the doubt is about the boot, if it won't disturb the reading of the OS.

  19. The OS is 100% on the card, nothing is saved or changed on the system.

  20. wait, this is an error? mine has shown this right as it dies or like when i try to turn it on after it dies along with the led on top turning red and then both the led and screen turning off, i thought this just mean the battery died.

  21. It's the stock OS "thinking" that the battery is dead.

  22. hmm im using MinUI though, is that the same for me?

  23. Um not sure, I don't use MinUI.

  24. Gray all the way for the nostalgic color.

  25. People in here acting like it's $50. I don't have anything else I need that tape for so now I'd just end up storing it for the next 20 years. This thing's going to cover exactly the right things and none of the wrong things, no worry about it being too thick or anything. Seems worth it to a lot of people.

  26. Any kind of tape works, doesn't have to be kapton.

  27. Lol $5 for a piece of kapton tape. I suppose if you're that inept and can't cut your own tape, then it's worth it.

  28. Is replacing them is problematic? I saw one guy on yt that brake snags during changing those buttons.

  29. The transparent models have brittle hinges. The gray one is more sturdy but still need to be gentle.

  30. Did you get one with the connector pre installed or did you have to install it? Could you link please? Also anyone know if you can take the wrapper off the stock battery and use that one the larger one?

  31. Comes with connector, choose the RG35XX option.

  32. It's under power management in retroarch. You should be able to save it as a game specific override.

  33. Some of those games also are bad roms. Just Google miyoo tiny best set and grab new roms legally.

  34. Also, I suggest also checking this subreddit for dpad mod (put some electrical tape on the dpad contacts on the PCB) to stop unwanted diagonals when pressing up or down... The RG 35xx has some sensitive dpad out of the factory...

  35. I have the V6C revision, no issues with the Dpad so far.

  36. I'm not saying it's a bad thing,sometimes I just like looking at the main menu when I start up a game.

  37. Press Start to launch the game instead of A.

  38. FYI, asking where to get roms is a big no no for legal reasons. We can't tell you that here.

  39. I do need a good 3ds emulator thats handheld since I do not think this can play 3DS games right?

  40. Nope. Plus it only has 1 screen and it's not a touch screen.

  41. Last question tomorrow I have 2 SD cards coming in and I am going to attempt to set up Garlic OS. If I were to start on Pokemon Crystal tonight on stock OS I will lose my entire save and have to start over correct?

  42. In game Saves can be transferred but not save states.

  43. GarlicOS doesn't come with ROMs.

  44. Consider buying a 2DS. They are sturdy as hell.

  45. Sturdy because it's designed or toddlers and it's also ugly as hell.

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