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  1. I love this kick, especially when your opponent thinks they can just grab and hold onto your foot to start doing a sweep, and then they get kicked in the face 😂👌

  2. « How you remind me » by Nickelback

  3. People who throw games on purpose are the same people who expect to be carried by the rest of the team

  4. The 2019/20 blacksummer bushfires in Australia which were about 14million hectares.

  5. Imagine you open the files and it’s just a bunch of pictures of you demolishing the wall

  6. “Did” Don’t you mean “are still doing”??

  7. Send them a note that says “shut the fuck up dork” and draw a little emoji with sunglasses

  8. I recommend putting your notepad in a waterproof bag, otherwise everything else is nice

  9. When you forgot to put the meat on the bbq and the in laws are gonna be here in 10 minutes.

  10. I’m sorry but is it really legal where you live to have Mandatory 24hrs at the Volunteer department? Isn’t it you know.. Volunteer??

  11. Am I dreaming? Did everyone actually GET OUT OF THE WAY for them?? 😱🥲🤯

  12. They can either learn the easy way or the hard way lmao

  13. Be fat, stupid and borderline schizophrenic

  14. You forgot the black belt with like a hundred stripes on it for Renato Laranja- joe hogan shmoking dat heefer”

  15. In order to earn respect in the gym you have to be tough, so make sure when you spar that you challenge everyone and hit them as hard as you can. If they tell you to chill, don’t worry because it’s just a test, what they actually want you to do is go even harder.

  16. We are all brothers and sister from many different cultures, and I think we should share that with one another. Regardless of whether your culture is different from mine, we’re all stronger together, powwows give indigenous people a chance to feel proud about being indigenous. and sharing our cultures and languages also means we don’t die out.

  17. I always put one on my rearview mirror so when I fall asleep driving I won't have nightmares.

  18. My white husband has to put up with me giggling at these videos while he doesn't quite get it. Slapping medicine man had me cracking up especially hard, even the start handing him the Folgers can. These guys are some of my favorites. (And eyy Bobby is so handsome, I don't mind seeing him in those videos)

  19. “Well I don’t think I’m eligible but I’d really like one of those free scholarshi”- BAM 🤣🤣

  20. I guess there’s only one way to find out 😎

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