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  1. Are cooling system works pretty amazing though.

  2. What if the next guy is an ever bigger sociopath. Can he be blonde at least or red head

  3. Whether you get knocked out has to do with the timing at which your brain bounced around your skull, not really how hard or how often you hit them. You do need to be hit with enough force that your brain bounces into the back of your skull, causing a cascade of neurons to fire and then bounces to the front your skull causing that part of the brain to fire. But its kind of just luck whether it'll confuse your brain enough that you do a hard reboot of the brain.

  4. It still freaks me out, the video where a guy at a party wanted to do a flip, broke his neck and immediately died on the spot. It’s scary and amazing just how fragile we are as human.

  5. Knew a soldier, 3 combat tours engaged in combat in all of them. Even took a few IEDs in a MRAP. He had been shot at, blown up, etc.

  6. Jesus. A friend of my parents had something similar happened but it was due to liver failure due to liquor poisoning. It’s always best to drink water and or not be alone.

  7. I’ll take one. Everything near me is close and it’s too fucking hot to walk

  8. Man I wish that was the case in my gym and not just EVERY FUCKING NEWS CHANNEL

  9. I sometimes think we should just all make less and get Medicaid at this point.

  10. JFK should get a Note. Maybe a rare $50 bill

  11. To be fair Crisis doesn’t need a buildup really. Crisis in the comics was an event born out of necessity, the purpose was just to make a streamlined continuity to make it easier to consume DC comics

  12. Yes but the public audience doesn’t know that massive comic event, you need to take the, for a ride for before you get the climax of this story (not a sex joke)

  13. How the fuck? Why would you do that event so early in the game. We haven’t even got a proper Darksied & Apokolips story, Braniac, Savage, Green Lanterns Corp.

  14. The trick is not to push the button and live your life for Christ

  15. Condense that shit into like a minute and you'd have something here.

  16. It’s like killing yourself, but you’re still alive and not committing any physical harm to yourself

  17. Why BBBY? I feel like you want to hurt yourself on purpose

  18. I think I forgot some more territory in the Guangdong area I just noticed

  19. There was sections of a island on top right that were claimed by the Japanese where the Canadians & US fought near Alaska. Still well done

  20. Bruce: Batcave, monitor his movements for later when I make him choke on his own blood tonight.

  21. He ruined it because it has a new coated paint so the original paint was ruined. Andy you dumbass

  22. Geez that looks exhausting if your in Royalty.

  23. I still believe Nolan was high on meth when he directed Tenet

  24. It was a good. I’m not trying to sound Braggy. But I honestly understood what it meant the first time I watched it.

  25. The they come to school and everyone says they were doing your mom yasterday and you dont know if its true or not

  26. Damn, I Would just go straight into Home-School

  27. Some of these have now “come out” to be questionable tests. Just saying.

  28. She literally flew from West Coast to East Coast TWICE in one day to do something could have done through a zoom call

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