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  1. Larson also mentioned in his post-race presser and said how it was extremely "violent" in the car tonight and felt like the changes didn't make much of a difference, however he didn't have a headache unlike others after the race.

  2. Lmao the timing of that

  3. It’s Truex. Dude is bad fast, won his heat, he got the Clash on lock this year.

  4. Joe Gibbs just comes off as a nightmare to work for. Like jesus if even Rick Hendrick learned to let drivers drive dirt then he has no excuse

  5. Rick has always been reluctant, but it wasn’t until Gordon got in his ear about letting Larson do it and seeing that pay off is when Rick began to ease up. HMS allowing their drivers to drive dirt has as much if not more to do with Gordon being there than Rick Hendrick. Just like how Bell said that Coy was that channel that supported it and was able to twist Joe’s arm into allowing it, but clearly Joe is just not as open minded as Rick when it comes to it and I don’t blame him. His points are very valid and you want to protect your investment. You also have to consider that others are willing to pay the same for that investment and let them do more, so you have to adapt if you want to retain your people.

  6. Homie Bell backing up like a semi with that lol. Like literally contradicts his comments in that interview.

  7. So why does Cindric get a provisional? Rookie of the year or last 500 champion? Then what is Christopher Buescher’s reason?

  8. So if Bell finishes top 3, then Elliott has the provisional?

  9. Lol Chase just went out there thinking he was in LCQ1 and NASCAR told him to get off the track.

  10. Yeaaa Chase ain’t making the main

  11. Imagine saying to someone 20 years ago “and it doesn’t get better”

  12. They were probably saying this 20 years ago when it came out. "It don't get any better than this, this is awesome!", while in the back of their mind they knew that it could obviously be more realistic and while IRacing has accomplished that, no NASCAR dedicated game has come close.

  13. That's awesome. Now if they can partner with a weather app to integrate a live radar in there as well (MyRadar is a great app btw and I've been using it since 2014 for tracking weather on race weekends), that would be perfect. Great updates all around though, kudos to Tim Clark and the gang over there.

  14. I’ve been going to Phoenix since 09, honestly didn’t really tell a huge difference with the NextGen, guess my earplugs are that good. But if they made them a bit quieter I don’t think I’d be able to tell either so I honestly could care less. Just get the heat issues sorted for the drivers and do what you want lol.

  15. Agreed. At least with most, you can kind of see where things are heading, but with Ty it was just so sudden and out of nowhere, probably not even a thought in his mind that his dad could pass as young as he was.

  16. He bumped Chase Elliott once so now he is Satan to Chase' legions of boring fans.

  17. Tbh, I don't get what those Chase fans still hold against Denny. As a Chase fan, I forgave Denny 2 weeks after Martinsville when Chase got him back at Phoenix. It was as "an eye for an eye" as you could get with that situation. Denny dumped Chase when Chase had a great shot at winning, so Chase put Denny in the wall when Denny had a great shot at winning. Fair is fair, Denny was all good in my book after that and his activity on social media and now the podcast has really made him likeable for me in that aspect.

  18. It's really disappointing that ChaseTheFalcon didn't wish ALL the amazing girls and women happy #nationalLMHMSDay there are SO MANY amazing LMHMS's that are and have been paving the way for the next generation.

  19. Honestly she’s just trying to get attention and stir shit up at this point to stay/gain relevance. I’ve established today as National

  20. that white Goodwrench hat is an instant buy

  21. Both the white and black snap backs are nasty 🔥

  22. If you identify where in Dixon he talks about a camber movement coefficient I'll figure it out. I cant find it in my copy.

  23. Page 152, equation 7.7.6.

  24. Sorry, different book. I've got Tires, Suspension, and Handling

  25. Ahh no worries. I’ll check that one out as well.

  26. The 'roll camber' is generally a linear coefficient calculated from the front view swing arm geometry. Its actually camber by roll (camber due to roll) so s not a compliance, but a geometry manifestation. By itself, it is not good enough to represent the camber contribution to Fy & Mz induced deflections. There is also lateral force camber (camber due to sideforce) and this can feed back to sprung roll. Next is just plane camber from deflections due to part strains (spindles & wheel bearings are usually the baddest actors here. This is a compliance. Next you have roll induced via the roll-camber mechanism due to tire Mx moments.

  27. Very interesting. The odd thing is that I haven't seen any equations for roll camber that account for Fy and Mz. Like you said, they obviously have an effect and I definitely want to see the relation between roll camber and lat. force and lat. acceleration, but finding any of those relationships has just been absent in the books I've looked through.

  28. You know your camber in jounce, X deg/m. You know how much jounce you get from one degree of roll Y m/deg

  29. In a case where you don't know either of these parameters, I'm trying to figure out what can you/can't you assume for this? Because I don't know my camber in jounce, nor do I know the amount of jounce I get from one degree of roll, plus I need to know what effects both of these parameters. Obviously have to research, but would like to know how much can be assumed and how much can be chosen based off of the car?

  30. One thing to note is that it is the sponsor for all 38 races. Therefore Valvoline will not be a primary this season for the 5.

  31. The tapered spacer has zero to do with the downforce. They'd just be going faster with the same aero disadvantage and could actually make it worse as more air would be going over/under the car as it travels. The point isnt to go faster but to redirect how the air flows. Once you do that, then you can look at increasing speeds and monitor the aero and see what it does.

  32. I wouldn't be quick to discount the effect of the spacer. A perfect example is if you compare the 2014 Martinsville races vs. the 2019 Martinsville races, the only major difference between the cars was that you had 750 HP in 2019 and 900 HP in 2014. The spoiler was the same at 8 inches, splitter overhang was the same, the aero configuration was more or less identical. Which year had better short track races? I would beg to differ that 2014 did over 2019, for the exact same reasons in the fact that it had less mechanical grip.

  33. They could be unrestricted engines but there’s so much mechanical grip it won’t make a difference

  34. Power would help I would think, but as you said, you literally add 3 inches of tire and also add a stupid amount of underbody downforce to add rear stability and on top of that independent rear suspension for the cars to turn better as well as way bigger brakes. Can't get back to the charm of NASCAR Road Racing and short track racing without removing most of these mechanical aids. The problem however is the it will be expensiveeeeee.

  35. Looks like one page of mine for my Controls 1 final last semester. God that class was the bane of my existence and controls 2 this semester isn’t much better. We were allowed only 2 pages front and back for our final (4 sides total) and you had to cram every thing in there and boy did it come handy on the exam.

  36. And a Hendrick car led the last lap of the Gen 6 era. Also, the same Hendrick car won the first and last race of the Gen 6 era (JJ 2013 500, Larson 2021 Phoenix with JJ's team).

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