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  1. And that my friends is why we don't see many night races anymore and I think that is the nail in the coffin of night Richmond races.

  2. The “new wave” of CC’s have gone to school and most of them hold an engineering degree. This wave includes people like cliff Daniels, Jonathan hassler, Ben Beshore, Chris gabehart, etc.

  3. I would love to see a spreadsheet put together of which ones have a degree and which don't just out of curiousity. It feels like it's a pretty even split tbh. All the Hendrick CC's have engineering degrees as well as all of the JGR CC's. Then you look at Penske and SHR where there's a bit of a mix. Suarez's CC Travis Mack doesn't have a degree and he's been around the sport forever since the mid 2000s with Jeff Gordon. I think if you look at Xfinity and Trucks, that split is way more leaning towards no degree, which is understandable.

  4. I felt exactly the same, but I will say the transition from Jeff to Chase was kind of easy since he was backed and supported by Jeff so much and it was the exact same team the Jeff was driving for.

  5. Him driving for the same team is what solidified it for me. To this day, it’s great to know that at least 2/3 voices on the radio are the same ones that I’ve listened to since Gordon was racing (2012-2015).

  6. It’s not just you. I liked both of the Richmond races this year quite a lot, but that seems to be a minority opinion these days.

  7. Richmond races were pretty good this year, especially the one today. You didn't know who had it until the very last corner. Felt like the climax came at the end instead of peaking mid race. Jeff Gluck brought up a good point on his podcast after all his bitching on Twitter today that seemed validated after hearing his in-depth thoughts, that point is that Richmond was always advertised as "The Action Track" and that from 2001-2009, the fewest amount of cautions in a Richmond race was 7 (and mind you this was before stages). So Richmond used to have this charm about it where there was a lot of beating and banging and it has progressed to now being the intermediate of short tracks, where aero is just as important as mechanical grip. It's the same arguement that you see with modern Bristol in that if these tracks were standalones in Nebraska or Alaska, people would love it, but since they don't race how they used to (or in Bristol's case, got reconfigured), people want to hate it. Today was a damn pure race, but granted, it didn't have the same craziness that most of us grew up with when watching Richmond races.

  8. Yeah I like the idea of Texas changing it up, but really not sure if 7-8 plate races is something I want. Maybe that’s just me being salty but 4 was the perfect amount in my opinion. Steve Phelps said they felt some Road Course over-saturation with 6-7, but over-saturation on the plate front with 6-7 would be annoying too.

  9. And I don't think car owners would like that much either. 7-8 races where you have a 75% chance that your not gonna get that car back in one piece may be too much to budget for especially with all the shortages in parts.

  10. This feels like a fresh copypasta in the making.

  11. Congrats to the 4 on another win. Those guys are definitely championship favorites now winning at 2 completely different tracks and this track being like Phoenix

  12. Chris can’t get through lap traffic to save his life

  13. If Blaney loses one more spot or Elliott gains one more spot, Elliott will clinch the regular season championship.

  14. I think he's still in it. Needs more time of incident-free racing to get out of it for me, at least.

  15. Definitely agree that he is still in it. One of the things that annoys me about Gibbs is just how "Fake" that "humble, mature nice guy" persona is. Like there is no way he literally just flipped a switch and all of a sudden has the maturity of a Cup veteran. It just feels forced, however the fake it till ya make it strategy isn't a bad one if he keeps it up because he eventually just becomes that personality that he portrays. Just look at Kurt Busch. Dude was having the tantrums of a lifetime and raging like a mf for all his career, then when he tried to simmer down, he tried to put up this fake nice guy persona for a while in 2014 and you could just tell he's raging inside and wanting to lash out, like in

  16. Casey was not as bad as most of you say he is

  17. Agreed. Anyone who watched NASCAR from 04-05, especially late 05 would see Casey wheeling the balls out of that 41 Target car. Was gonna win Homestead in 05 until a late caution came out, something about late cautions at Homestead fucking over a Target car in years ending with a 5.

  18. Yea, first glance it looks like a knockoff Acronis paint scheme, but when you look up the shoe, it does look pretty spot on.

  19. There was a leak earlier, but it didn't produce a good look at it. iLoq is the sponsor and it is a black car with ice blue lettering. Looks pretty slick from the blurry view I've seen so far.

  20. Saw that same leak. It's using the same base as the IFly and Onx schemes that Ross and Daniel won their first career races with this year, but with as you said, ice blue accents instead of red. So in other words, Kimi is winning the Glen.

  21. I want Blaney to miss and then win like 6 out of the last 10 just to spite this flawed format

  22. Ahh the ole 2006 Tony Stewart strategy.

  23. I think they over reacted to Jimmie, IMO the better solution would have been to just mix the tracks up.

  24. Nah, if they really wanted to stop Jimmie, they would've brought the 2019 package into the sport a lot sooner since that really hurt Jimmie's ability to use his skills of driving a high horsepower car.

  25. Yea IIRC, he said how he was offered a position at HMS by Chad Knaus, but what made him reconsider is Chad telling him "Once you get on this side of the garage, there is no going back, the door to driving is closed", and obviously he didn't go that path.

  26. Midplane is your first example. Then you are correct about just drawing the side view of the window area.

  27. Gotcha! Will give it a shot. Thanks!

  28. 3 view pictures of things also helps you see how shapes interact with its own form, if that makes sense. Like on this heli, I would extrude cut from the plane down the centre outwards

  29. I see. Didn't think of doing that from a right plane view of just cutting the profile of the window and cutting out. Thanks for the ideas!

  30. Truex wins Watkins Glen, Jones wins Daytona ... chaos.

  31. Nah, Truex wins Richmond. Toyotas have been ass on RC's, although they showed great improvement at Indy RC, Truex still isn't back to his usual self there. He dominated Richmond early in the year, had the car to beat and was also the best car at Loudon until that 2-tire stop gaffe. They will come out swinging and I won't be surprised if they lead all 400 laps.

  32. It’s nice to see where all the Gordon fans went to as far as fanbases. I remember being very conflicted about who I wanted to root for when he was retiring. I remember initially saying after Chicago 2014 that Larson would be my guy, but I really felt uncomfortable not rooting for a Hendrick car especially considering that CGR was always hit or miss. What solidified Elliott to be my driver was the fact that Gordon’s team was staying intact for the most part and that the radio would at least have 2/3 voices from Gordon’s last 4 seasons in Eddie and Alan. I definitely wouldn’t say that I have the same level of fandom for Elliott as I did Gordon and don’t think I’ll ever have that for anyone, but I also would have a hard time following the sport and staying invested if I didn’t have someone or a team to root for.

  33. Bowman is not as safe as everyone thinks especially when it is a talent like Kyle Busch.

  34. Couch Racer said in the comments that it is not Hendrick, so that leaves Kaulig and Trackhouse.

  35. I wasn't ever expecting Kaulig to be a player until Jr name dropped them as a team trying to land him. I think a huge part of his negotiations that may be being overlooked is KBM. If he switches manufacturers, so will KBM. I'm sure in negotiations he is making sure KBM will have at least as much manufacturer support as it does right now

  36. I wonder if they could transition to being an Xfinity team instead of a Truck team to take some load off of Kaulig since their Xfinity program has suffered since going full time Cup imo.

  37. The 9 just went on like a 5 race streak of being there. He will be fine.

  38. They haven't been to the R&D center in a fat minute. They've been inspected at track, but not through the through trend checking R&D center yet this season I don't believe.

  39. Imagine the absolute chaos if they penalize Chase the same way they penalized Keslowski.

  40. Honestly this may be the week they find something. Kinda funny how the teams that have gotten DQ'd after R&D (6 and 34) didn't run particularly stellar in the race the car ran in, same deal with Elliott. So if they unloaded off the truck bad, more likely to be going out of the box to get some kind of speed out of it.

  41. Nick Adams is gonna have a field day with this. God damnit man really wanted Bubba to win that one.

  42. Lol Steve Letarte willing the caution, “debris pouring off the 99”

  43. Chastain go do something plz. Need that Bub Win

  44. It's always like there's a yearly Carl Edwards siting and it always involves him being an absolute G of a human.

  45. A couple days ago, Fords Global Director of performance said its not an aero issue.

  46. Which is funny he said that because in that same interview he also said that they will have changes to the nose for next season that are "within the box of parity", which have already been submitted to NASCAR. This was said at the

  47. It's so weird that they were with Greg throughout all his time in Truck and Busch, then dipped after only one season in Cup.

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