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  1. Disable mod, hard reset, uninstall mod, hard reset. That's the procedure to avoid ghost space. If you're feeling brave, you can just exit to the main screen after disabling the mod, and then go back in to uninstall (hard reset after that). That's what I do and I normally don't end up with ghost space.

  2. Oh I have some place left, just not sure if deleting the mod straight up and starting a new game would involved ant carry over from that mods mechanics somehow

  3. A hard reset after any LO change will clear the cache and force the game to look your new LO with fresh eyes. Without hard resetting, some LO changes won't take place, possibly leaving you with buggy or unstable gameplay.

  4. If you like Fairies, you might like some of the other mods I used in a themed playthrough a while back.

  5. Heartbreaker. This mod is the original reason for moving to Xbox.

  6. I have Trigeminal neuralgia, or what I jokingly call “face hurt syndrome”. It’s atypical, meaning there is no compression, lesion, or tumor. My nerves on that side of my face are simply too Loud so to speak, and send too many odd signals. I have facial nerve pain, auditory ringing, impaired vestibular function (the dizzy “I’m-walking-on-a-boat” feeling) and at times visual flashes or reduced periphery. When I have a flair or a spike in pain, my eye does this on occasion for a few hours.

  7. All while standing shoulder-to-shoulder in that fucking pose where they put their arms in front of them and clasp one wrist in the other hand.

  8. They're trained to do that. Keeps your hands close to your gun and, theoretically, it's supposed to be nonthreatening. However, when you're a cop, everything about you is threatening.

  9. The thing is though - that doesn’t seem to be a universal thing.

  10. I've taken buses and trains in Scotland, England, Ireland, Netherlands, and Germany. Most of them were fine. England was hit and miss because that's London for you.

  11. I don't see any terrible creatures piping in the darkness between space and time. Do you?

  12. Remember to wash your hands and everything else after playing with bats.

  13. wow I can't believe someone is forcing that parent to buy a particular shirt at target against their will.

  14. That would be me. Sorry, but the Gay Agenda requires the submission of all. No exceptions.

  15. this sub once again seeing “…boys look like girls” and equating it to “…boys look gay”

  16. But sixty years of bad TV says otherwise. It also says bisexuality doesn't exist and you can't have friends of a different gender from yours. Don't you know anything? o.O

  17. Can confirm. The local chainsaw rights group, "Chainsaws for Change", were up in arms over the chainsaw exclusion.

  18. Oh, hey. You're here early. Let me just slip out of this and into something a little more comfortable.

  19. In many ways I’m glad I’m over sixty and won’t be around for the worst of it. I believe parts of the world will survive but I can’t imagine the emotional wreckage watching the rest of the world starve to death.

  20. They still checking out people's junk for high school athletics?

  21. Apparently, they stopped doing that. Turns out parents had a few choice words for them when they found out it was their own kids being asked.

  22. Interesting. I suppose I’ve just never been in a fandom is the more overarching thing then for me. I was talking to a co-worker about one of his funkopops he brought in to display that week because I was trying to figure out what the theme was that week and it was for the new ant man movie. Which I hadn’t really even heard of before so he asked me what the last marvel movie I saw was and I was like I guess the first Thor movie. Which just about our home on the ground haha.

  23. At the risk of pissing off the Marvel fans (again), you haven't missed much. It all has the same cookie cutter humor and style these days.

  24. That thing has eaten souls and it will eat more.

  25. Extra joints, extra fingers, extra special?

  26. Buy it! Cut the head off, wear it as a mask, and have fun with your friends! :D

  27. She’s more entertaining than jane and jborg combined, I give her that.

  28. Played Murdered: Soul Suspect. Awkward title. Love the premise and atmosphere. The one thing I don't like is the combat. There's little of it, thankfully, but every time I come across a demon/wraith/thing, I got annoyed. I firmly believe the game would've been better as a purely supernatural detective walking sim with no combat whatsoever. I put it down after a while but I'll come back to finish eventually.

  29. Apart from what everyone else said, there's a lot that's out of order. This link will help you fix that.

  30. There is a post here about a cock roach crawling in someone's ear and biting them.

  31. Yeah, I saw very few farther west. It's no exaggeration to say that I saw more roaches in the first week of living in Texas than I'd seen over the course of my entire life. I just had to move there in the Summer, lol.

  32. Before I update, could you tell me a little bit about the changes you made to Black Hand? It's one of very few poison spells I've found that remains relevant throughout the entire playthrough. Most mods make poison spells too weak to be useful.

  33. It is now in line with other adept concentration spells!

  34. He’s from at least a 15 minute radius of where I live and it makes me ashamed that he may very well be a part of my community

  35. People like that can never be part of any community. They're too busy sowing hate and discord.

  36. Isn't the unemployment number a big fake? I once heard that it counts gig workers and people who make as little as 20 dollars in the past week.

  37. It's not so much fake as it is misleading. It's an estimate of how many people are unemployed. If you work two hours a week, then, you are technically employed. Also, it doesn't count anyone being paid cash in hand or the homeless. To be fair, these numbers are not easy to determine. Only the third sector would have any idea of those numbers and they'll be the first to tell you they're not accurate outside small areas.

  38. They actually do. Military equipment has a shelf life. Regular inspections and maintenance will extend it but, eventually, the wings start to fall off the jets and the ICBMs have to be retired. Parts rust, wiring corrodes. Nothing lasts forever.

  39. Scrolls through your history. They banned you for that? What was their justification?

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