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  1. Can anyone give a slightly detailed explanation on why/how Kirby is powerful?

  2. He would survive the deathstar shooting at him, he would be slightly peturbed that you tried to kill him, and that you probably destroyed anything behind him while doing so, but kerby would stroll into that exhaust port and suck up the core to use as a weapon on something else while stopping an evil doer in the process, he would also suck up palps and gain force abilities and a cool robe.

  3. I dont personally like Rogue One, do I think its terrible? No, but I don't particularly enjoy it besides the Darth Vader hall scene and some of the bits with the droid, hes a character.

  4. on an unrelated note, watching tengen sama v/s gyutaro's fight on the big screen was amazing! absolute bonkers. if they had removed the credits it would have been a seemless experience though.

  5. As someone who dosnt watch demon slayer, but joined my friends to watch it, the credits were horrible, but as for storytelling, I got to know who every character was relativley quickly and without trouble for not having seen previous episodes.

  6. So glad I use an actual functioning app for reddit and don't have to deal with whatever this comment is explaining.

  7. Wow imagine an attempted coup in your own country. Thankfully that would never happen in the US, especially not on January 6th 2021

  8. So about 10 people are violent in a gigantic protest that other than that didnt break any laws, and all of a suddon its a coup

  9. Only about 10 people tried to force their way into the congresional hearing and or did danage to the building, out of about 50 people who made their way into the building itself (which was an opened normal enterance for the public) you simply did not see a thousand people rushing the front door in an attempt to get in, the police had a posted barracade and they didnt cross the line, it was a whole hell of alot more peaceful than whatever the violent majority of antifa calls peaceful

  10. I had a real curvy girl, but with a personality of a sandpaper, I learned my lesson

  11. Aragorn also grew up with the elves and (at least in the books) is rather aware of his high status and is often accommodated accordingly. I have a feeling his food as a ranger, while not exactly lordly, was at least to his liking (in part considering he probably made his own). He’s probably not used to peasant gruel made by a woman who’s probably never had to cook before

  12. Wasn't that story about Bastion dealing with his depression after losing his mother or something?

  13. My fucking teacher showed us that movie when we were like 8

  14. Ha my history/english teacher asked if anyone in the class had the movie, guess who had it and gave everybody the worst day in their middleschool lives.

  15. No the fetus cannot move in the beggining only later in the gestation period

  16. Thats simply not true, a fetus can move 16 weeks into the gestation period out of 40 weeks in the womb, and its heart beats 5 weeks in so even by calling it long its not even half way through.

  17. It has had a heart beating for 5 weeks at that point, and it will only take 6 more weeks for it to physically move your point?

  18. It would be more like you get a complete puzzle, but can buy replacement pieces that change the look of the puzzle.

  19. You have never played deep rock galactic and im sad for you, that game has no microtransactions and its a passion project still going strong.

  20. Whos gunna say it, it aint children, or women, I know someone wants to say it, cmon were all thinking it, what funny gamer word cant we say.

  21. I honestly think every race has its own version of privilege, but I also think white privilege especially in the US is more prevalent. I am white and a man and I know that I’ve had opportunity’s because of that, that would otherwise not have happened.

  22. And on the contrary as a white man I have never recceived or even witnessed an opportunity given to me or others due to me being white, and im not blind to it either, the last time my dad noticed something akin to this was when he was in his 30s. ON THE OTHER HAND, I have seen multiple opportunitues specifically directed towards minority groups (scholarships, other financial aid and job opportunities) instead of it being directed towards low income families which would make much more sense.

  23. Nah just about a 2-3 in diamater swelling that took a week to go away, one of my relatives was also pretty allergic so they had some stuff for it.

  24. I was a really little child. I think it was near Saginaw. Tbh it's hard for me to remember where this was other than the amazing park

  25. I was with the same person for 13 years. Met when we were teenagers, together throughout my 20s, then it ended. Now I'm 30 and don't even know how to date...

  26. Ive never dated, im 22 so im not that far up shit creek but I have a bad daily routine to even search for someone, and the only times I go out is when im with a small trio of friends which means I have an easy reason not to spark up conversation with anyone else.

  27. Don't try to diss my Robertson screw slots. Best screws ever.

  28. it’s like a sport, apparently

  29. I work at a kennel and can confirm. Golden doodles are the best. MY OPINION. But, it feels like facts lmao.

  30. Ive been working with dogs my whole life, I hate golden doodles as much as retreivers, if your gunna get a "dumb" dog make it small. You can train thoes dogs quite well, but its never going to be a good thinker like a husky or even a black lab is, and thats if you want a "silly" dog, dobermans are in that catagory too but holy hell are they distructive if they arnt trained passed that.

  31. I love beagles, my mom is a full time dog sitter and man the beagles are some of the best, they are less work due to short hair, the shedding is so little especially when properly bathed at least once a month and they are basically free due to how many are recovered from testing facilities.

  32. Couldn't agree more OP. Coleslaw is best eaten by a raccoon at the dump.

  33. You have only had kfc style "coleslaw" have you? I hesitate to call it by that name.

  34. Mayo-based coleslaw isn’t my favorite. I like it on a few things (provided it’s not too mayoey). Vinegar-based coleslaw, tho, I love.

  35. You would love my dads coleslaw, it immidiatally changed the minds of my friends when they came over for dinner, all they had was that kfclump of soggy sweetened mulch.

  36. Which happens due to different temps, hot water will stay at the top which is why water heaters take water from the top of the tank and put in cold water at the bottom, the differenve in temp wont equal out for a long time so the hot water is covering the cold hence the cold water is wet.

  37. You koke but graphics cards are 109% efficient at turning electricity into heat.

  38. Audible gives you several free and discounted months if you unsub after using your credits.

  39. Or just get credits only when everywhere else costs more, never have a running subscription to them just hit the pause button they have hidden away its the same cost as buying the credits save for the selection of free books that you will almost never read.

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