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  1. Estis rezulto de komunista koloniado ĉu ne? Ironie ĉar la komunista teorio estas kontraŭ koloniismo sed la tiama Rusujo ne estas tute laŭteorie.

  2. Ho, mi ensalutis mian komputilon nur ĉar mi tre ŝatas ĉi tiun demandon. Mi ankaû vidis aspektojn de Reddito kiu mi ne renkontas poŝfone.

  3. So with English - Esperanto for the adjective '-a', try adding '-like' or '-ish' to the end of the direct English translation. There's not always a direct translation, krom for instance. So, what's open-like or open-ish?

  4. Bv klarigi kie vi vidis la esprimon "malferma ĉielo". Mi kredas, ke ĝi estas erara.

  5. An open sky, without large constructs of man or nature in the way nor about the edges. I imagine standing in a desert beneath a sky without clouds. It would be poetic use, but not metaphoric.

  6. Look, I think you and I both could get by at a cafe which speaks Esperanto. My English intuition says your fourth sentence is doubly emphatic, but seems you're aiming for part tense. Your English here is messy, tbh. For clarity of thought, my expressions would use "necese".

  7. I don't get you. English is not my mother tongue but how is it messy? I don't understand where?

  8. So one mess is "you should have study". This riles my native grammar intuition. Study is a verb and it requires the infinitive in this sentence. Yet without "to" it is as though it were a noun.

  9. Pli internaciumaj ol oft.... kio? Vi havas altan opinion pri vi mem, cxu?

  10. Donu respondon de la demando interretulo, vi ja legis ĝin.

  11. We need incomprehensible input. That's how all language begins and there is no one to one translation so we must take a step in the dark and attempt the incomprehensible.

  12. Plantoj kreskas sin ĥaose kaj pli facile trovi unu belan planton en ĝardeno ol en arbaro.

  13. That's cool! Can I ask which resources will you recommend for a Hindi beginner?

  14. Oh great thanks for the recommendations. I’ve never heard about Read Along before. I’ll give a try.

  15. Yes my fellow Redditor, I sure am. Maybe 2.5 years. Thanks for asking.

  16. Well, maybe set me straight if you know better but, Mario and Murray seem like masculine versions of Mary, which is uncommon because names tend to shift only from male to unisex to female.

  17. Jes ja kaj tiu estas la nura kialo ke la akuzativo malaperis 🙄😬

  18. These fungi have been growing for a while among the roots of a potted Jacaranda. It's watered very regularly because of the shallow pot. Further, it's been a cool and damp year here on the east coast of Australia. It was bought from a bonsai stall at markets about 7 months ago. These fungi are rather strong, and not weak in roots or body like mushrooms. No smell. Haven't tried tasting then lol They last much longer than mushrooms, and would be at least month old by now. Hasn't spread out in the pot since sprouting and haven't grown in other pots or ground soil.

  19. I'm interested in learning more Tamil, mainly to read the mythology and watch some movies. Resources are difficult to find, any recommendations?

  20. Well you're gonna need to pick one that's either local or active online. As written material is slim to none, you must meet these people or observe then through the internet. An Aboriginal outreach group or church is where I'd begin, but if you don't find friendship with that particular mob there is no other route. I don't know if any are active online.

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