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  1. Married for 16 years. Have 2 kids, more would have been cool, but 2 is manageable. I did own a condo prior to being married.

  2. I will become a classic handyman. I will fix boat motors and deliver mail and do odd jobs on the weekends until I can build a workshop and start cranking out silly things. I will marry a cute girl and grow fat and old and foster old dogs so hey can enjoy their twilight years while I enjoy mine.

  3. You’ve got a great strategy. Well it’s all about hustle and working hard, I think

  4. The scandals as well as the drama. What really happened?!??? It is a mystery

  5. Yes, but "making the most" isn't my definition of success, and I feel bad for people who do define success in money

  6. Well there you go! Kindof makes sense I suppose. Whatever floats your boat

  7. Volunteer at a charity / shelter / food bank etc

  8. B.S. Clinical Laboratory Science. First job 1995 $33,000 yr. Currently work at an insurance company, $126,000 year.

  9. You make sense! Ok. Got it. I’ll have to think about it I suppose!

  10. Get married when you love your partner so much and are so compatible that you really want to get married.

  11. Awesome! I built a town myself that I was pretty inspired by & impressed with!

  12. As the symbol of the most successful religion on Earth he has maintained most of what he used to stand for, I think. As the Old Testament prophets said, so he inspired. The message remains both coherent and saintly

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